Women’s Empowerment is the most discussed  topic in 21st century.Now what is Women’s Empowerment? It is empowering women to live a life with their  choice,  encouraging them to be educated and be Self Independent. But then Women’s Empowerment is misunderstood by a few people.Recently the video “MY CHOICE” directed by “HOMI ADAJANIA” starring “DEEPIKA PADUKONE” and 99 Indian women with all ages.The video has been a subject to debate ever since it made its way online with certain sections unsatisfied with it while others praised it as a step in right direction.
     Let’s have a look whether this video really promotes Women’s Empowerment.
“Yes it’s your body, your mind, your choice to wear the clothes you like…
“Yes it’s your choice to marry or not marry”…
“Yes it’s your choice to be size zero or size 15”…
“Yes it’s your choice to love temporarily or forever”…
“Yes it’s your choice to love a man or a woman”…
But having sex outside marriage…This is not a choice to be made.Is this Women’s Empowerment?
     According to me it is surely not Women’s Empowerment  than Why do we call men as cheats when they do such things?If your Bindi,Ring and adding a surname is temporary than why do you use your husband’s identity as yours?Is this the message we are trying to pass on to our future generation ?A lot of women are feeling the sameway after watching the video.The video in the name of Women’s Empowerment  just gained publicity.
     I personally love Deepika Padukone as a actor and I still love her.I think she is really good in whatever she does.But why this video?anyways it’s her choice. Focusing on the video the word Women’s Empowerment is totally misunderstood by the statements made in the video.”MY CHOICE “the word itself is self-explanatory.We have often seen girls saying”MY LIFE MY CHOICE” but then choices should have limitations .I am not saying anything about personal choice whether she should cover or not, come home at 12 or 6,marry or not marry, love a man or a woman. It’s completely a personal choice whether it’s a girl,boy,woman or a men but than giving this the name of Women’s Empowerment is wrong.Women’s Empowerment is far more away from this.In a Country where a girl is unable to  live by her choice,unable to study by her choice and is even killed before she is born than how can these choices be called as Women’s Empowerment?Women’s Empowerment according to me is to make women Self Independent to make their choices,educate them and women should be considered prestigious.Instead of showing 100 women with such choices the video should have shown THE REAL WOMEN..THE STRUGGLING WOMEN.. who achieved success with difficulties and also the women who face difficulties but still earn for their family,for their livelihood and in turn the video should have concentrated on the steps to provide these women with a better livelihood and a better life.Just imagine the STRUGGLING,WORKING WOMEN in my choice.Wouldn’t it have been a better choice?Won’t it prove an inspiration to future generation not only to girls but also to all other individuals.…Choices does matter.A single word”WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT” but different choices.We should think “IS THIS WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT?” for me a big “No”Now it’s your choice to decide whether this video really promotes Women’s Empowerment or not?”MAKE YOUR CHOICES BETTER TO MAKE INDIA BETTER” that’s what I can say.Sadly Women’s Empowerment Misunderstood….


               ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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