Journey of a Competition..Success,Defeats and Opportunities….

Today a day very special for me..after a long time participated in the carrom competition.During school times I was the carrom champion of our school.But after school Carrom and me were like “Sky and Earth”.Three years of college I never saw a notice regarding carrom competition and so I never took the initiative to participate..God knows i was staying in which world that time. Luckily in my third year I saw a notice Intercollegiate carrom competitions.My intuitions always supported me and even this time there was a strong feeling coming within that i should participate..But wait a second it was not at all easy for me even to participate. The day when this competition was organized I had one more important work to do with that was to confirm my internship in the hospital i always wanted.Luckily I did the work successfully in time and finally reached to the competition venue.I was nervous coz carrom is a game which needs practice.But hopefully I got selected and later came to know that I was selected for playing Singles at University..just couldn’t describe my happiness at that moment..Now it was the time to practice.Just 3 days left and it was not enough and again it was not easy for me. My internship was confirmed but still left with the formalities for which I had to travel and than again come to college for practice
I anyhow managed it..Now it was the day for competition..Fingers crossed..
One more twist we were three of us and only two were allowed for doubles and there were no singles. Thanks to my mam she trusted me and asked me to play for doubles.The game began 1st round done successfully. Now time for 2nd round and our competetors were the university champions which reflected on their face.1st  game they won with huge points.The next game we had a come back slowly and than it was a tough competition.All the refrees, organizers around found it most interesting match of the day.Finally we won by just 2 points.Really happy and for while we got overconfident that if we can defeat the champions than we can defeat anyone.Break time we were practicing and we practiced on two different boards..We got the idea that one board was too smoother and we were not able to play on it whereas the otherone was quite comfortable for us..but the other team just was adamant to play on the smoother one..even we were adamant but later we gave up thinking we would manage..This was the 1st mistake and I think the biggest mistake we did.Even after knowing we are not comfortable to play on it we agreed..They won the first game and i accept it was my mistake somewhere i thought differently and it didn’t work in their case but we won the 2nd game and again it was a tough fight..But as the carrom was smoother inspite of my warning to opposite team not to put powder on it they still did it..and than it was like we took coins and played well but the carrom got more smoother and both of us had double dews..any ways no reasons after all “Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar” and at the end we tried a lot but we lost with a few points..hopes completely shattered after all it really hurts..We don’t know how to answer our mam.With our sad faces we went to our mam and said we lost it..But she encouraged us by saying you”ll reached till here it was a big achievement..
We played well and also received appreciation from the people around.

But I think Carrom is not about playing well. If we relate to life..Carrom is like you have to make smart decisions at perfect time just like we make in our life and if a single decision goes wrong you may lose the game.
Surely destiny was not in our favour..as I said it was the last opportunity and I missed it..I know in future I won’t get a opportunity to play carrom at this level.The only thing I said to my partner after the game till I reached home was Kahi hou shakat nahi ka”(Can’t we do anything)I wish it was a dream but it wasn’t.From my childhood I am never used to defeats and so I can’t tackle defeats..One of the dialogue by  Shahrukhan  which always inspire me from  movie “Chalte Chalte ”  “Mai apni  zindagi mein kabhi kash nahi kehna chahta”I always followed it..but today I had to say kash humne galtiyan nahi ki hoti.

I wish I could rewind my life just few minutes back to correct few minute mistakes.Sometime it’s not about perfection,it’s not about dedication,it’s not about practice,it’s not about efforts but it’s just about luck which we may lack.A single coin and we may lose the game..I think somewhere I took it lightly and there was no passion of winning.

I love this game and I worship it.. .It really hurted me a lot not beacause I lost the game but because I lost my last opportunity..Will I ever be able to play Carrom at this level??

                     ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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