It all began with a normal hii..but you never know where a Single Hii can take you.You came in my life like a transformer..I was a person with ambitions,dreams but I never took a step towards my ambition,my dreams..The biggest dream was to become a writer which I was unaware of..It’s you who made me aware of it…but I couldn’t do justice to my writings..There were thoughts in my writing..But no feelings…You were absolutely without goals and every time I had to think about My ambitions ,My dreams…I used to write for u and later I realised everyone’s reading it…and they loved it..It was then when I realised that yes I can write…Thereafter Blogging, Writing and Music became my passion.These joys were useless if I Didn’t shared it with you…as i always say “Dreaming alone is just a beginning but dreaming with someone is new beginning“People who can’t speak through words they write and speak and yes I am one of them..I may not speak but my writings will always reveal my story…You have transformed my life completely my friend…Always encouraged and supported me.It’s all a game of destiny..
You might find our story as a part or whole in a book…

🎶K tere bina jeena mumkin nahi…
Naa Dena kabhi mujhko tu fasle…
Mai tujhko kitna chahti hoon…
Yeh tu kabhi Soch naa sake🎶
~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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