Past Diaries..Future Ahead…

Mothers are next to Gods but what if  our God leave us alone…Here’s a story which would make us realize how important mothers are…

Aarohi’s (POV)
I was a girl with ambitious,always surrounded by books…a very less socialised person..I won’t speak much but still my mother knewed what I wanted.The only person important in my life was my mother…
I feared her rather l respected her..We both were like Sisters and used to enjoy each other’s company…Such was the strength of our bond…I was totally dependent on  her from  right to make a choice for clothes till making a choice of Career…Whatever she said it was ultimately my choice not because l couldn’t make my own choice but l trusted her choice that she will choose the best thing for me.
One day she went to market for shopping and I was in my class that time..My teacher was speaking something about bombblast in area..I feared and immediately went home..My mother wasn’t at home..My heart started beating Faster..I tried the phone calls..all the phones were blocked…After some time My mother came..Yes she came I couldn’t explain my happiness she said were u scared I said no I was just…and broke in to tears..Than she told me I went after the blast..I got angry when u Knewed that what was happening than why did U went??She said Calm down I was happie that she was safe…Our normal routine began…#Studies#Classes#Fewtalks#
Shoppings##Shopping was the thing she loved even I loved to shop with her..One fine day it was raining heavily and I insisted I want to go to bandra to shop as well as to see Ganeshji’s idol..I am crazy about it..I love to see different Idols..She said it’s raining Heavily we”ll go later..but later she said letz go…We became wet and as it was raining heavily while driving she Crashed a taxi..We both were safe..I thought now she would scold me but she didn’t…Such was our life…

   To be Continued….

                      &nbsp ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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