Past Diaries Future ahead…(Part 4)

Aarohi’s (POV)
I know Part 3 of story is missing…but may be will share it later…

I was in 12th now..My classes for 12th began..As a routine I went to my class my friends asked me to wait to have a gupshup with them…I said”My mom is alone at home I am leaving”I don’t know why but they give me a very weird look…One of my friend asked me Are  You OK?Ofcourse I am fine..I replied..and left for home..After reaching home I couldn’t see my mom so  I called out Mom “Where are You?’ No response…and suddenly my eyes went at a frame there…and a hard realisation…She was no more…We lost her few days back…It was just that for a while I forgot that she left us…It was then when I realised Life will not be easy for me..A girl who never choose anything..who was completely dependent on her mom for everything..

Few months later….
As usual my college started I was never fond of attending colleges…I hardly went to college in my 11th Std..I knew there was no need to attend the college coz we had our classes..But just to stay away from home..Stay away from those memories..I started spending time out of home as much as I can….Only at night I used to be at home..Even that used to kill me..Coz the only person I used to think of whole night was my mom…and than  sleep for 3 hrs in the morning…My behaviour changed I started fearing..Fear of Nights..Fear of dreams..Fear of people…My friends told me You don’t worry about studies “We are there”But I thought who wants to study now and for whom should I study??I didn’t even studied during this period ….Completely lost just couldn’t understand what was happening..???A future was in front of me..

To be Continued…

                    ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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