Don’t Worry we are There…

Cancer the most threatening disease..I do have a soft corner towards Cancer Patients..No I don’t have a pity but it’s something else…After being an Intern at  Cancer Hospital I realised that life of these patients is not easy…Rounds of Hospitals again and again and than the whole day is spent in Hospital..I wonder what about the patients who live alone..What about their diet??No doubt the patient becomes weak than before…
One incident which made me to respect the relatives of these patients..As they stand behind the patients firmly throughout the treatment..That day I was in Dietitian’s office..I was about to leave the office..A girl called me…She was of my age.Her father was the patient.She  showed me the file I was a new intern hardly knew anything but I saw the file there was a dietitian reference written than I took her along with me.
I was walking further and they were behind me..After a while a realised her father was walking slowly so I slowed down and The girl was holding his hand throughout with so much care..I showed her file to senior intern and than they were sent to the Private OPD…After a while I went to the Private OPD I saw her..I smiled..She was sitting down with her father..I enquired Why are you sitting here?She said there’s no place..I looked around and there was no place..Her father was not in a condition to stand so she sat along with him..Her eyes showed so much care for her father..It really touched my heart..This is not it..Even near the Surrounding of a Hospital I saw a young guy massaging his father..I stopped for a while..These Incidents make us realize that even  today’s genneration care for their parents No matter what their status is??When it comes to their parents they do care a lot..I remember a story related to this Ganesh and Kartika Sons of Parvati and Lord Shankar  were told to have 5 rounds of earth and who will come first will win.It was told by their Mother Parvati .Kartika immediately went away for the rounds of earth…Where as Ganesh Stayed back and he took Five rounds Of his parents ..Coz His earth his life were his parents..So I appreciate all the daughters and sons who take care of their parents during and after the treatment of this disease..You’ll will surely receive the blessings from God as well as your parents.After all what’s the use of our life without our  parents…So say To your parents“DON’T WORRY WE ARE THERE”

                        Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


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