My StOry To BE NeVEr SAiD…

Writing is my Hobby..But I write Coz I Can’t find a better way to express myself..My posts are My own story..Each and every status and posts are the story of my life…Sometimes it may be emotional,sometimes happy and sometimes a taunt for someone.. The reason behind every post   is a secret known only to me and my closer ones.. I might never Write my Story directly but definately I quote it indirectly in my posts…If interlinked You”ll find a Story…A story To be never said..Few words to be unspoken..And few things to Be dreamt of..This is what I am I… prefer to write rather than to speak….I like to keep My story to Myself but yes I do share the Trailers..

“A film is first judged by it’s trailers and than by the Climax…First watch the trailers carefully and be patient for the  Climax to arrive…”

For the people who want to know who and What I am..

                 ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


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