Every Hour is different
Title Credit-Shivshankar Timmanpyati Sir

Cancer a threatening disease worldwide..Have we ever thought about the patients suffering from this disease, about their life..I think No because each one is busy with their own life..There’s nothing wrong after all every individual has his own life to look after..But
sometimes we should give a thought..
The things which makes these patients different  from others is that“Every hour is different for these patients”

(Cancer patient) (POV)
Years,months,days,hours is tragedy of my life..Life seems to be around the four walls of the hospital..Everyday is a tragedy.Every hour is different. Each day I come with a hope to be better but my destiny doesn’t favour me.But still I am living my life with a hope..People give us sympathy but we don’t need it..

“Sometimes I feel I’m lonely
Sometimes I feel I’m depressed
 Why every hour is different “

“Sometimes I feel like speaking
Sometimes I prefer to stay quiet
Why every hour is different”

“Sometimes I feel hungry
Sometimes I don’t want to eat
Why every hour is different

“Sometimes I wish to live
Sometimes I wish to die
Why every hour is different”

“Sometimes I am happy
Sometimes I am sad
Why every hour is different”

“Sometimes I think of my future
Sometimes I think of my past
Why every hour is different”

“Sometimes I question God
Have I done anything wrong ??why me?
Sometimes I am grateful
Why every hour is different”

“Everyday is a tragedy
Every hour is different”

Can anyone answer me Why Every hour is different ?????

                     ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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8 thoughts on “EVERY HOUR IS DIFFERENT….”

  1. Very true.. I can feel the pain.. Really it is a very difficult situation to be confident in that condition.. But our will to be strong can add some power in having a good mindset. I can understand how much they suffer and their every hour is different.. 😦

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