Blogging My Passion…My Life…

Blogging a word unknown to me but when I actually knew what Blogging is? There was a urge to blog but than my lazy behaviour said”I’ll blog when I have ample amount of time and which was never possible.I kept on thinking,writing but still blogging was far more away from me..One of my friend continuously insisted me to open a blog..I said we”ll see, but later I gave it a thought and with in minutes I opened a blog. Wondering what to write on the blog ??
I wrote my first quote“I wish we could edit our life just like we edit our pics”..
The most important thing which I always follow is “ORIGINALITY
Always be Original in your blogging.. People will tell us a list of things to follow while blogging but I think each and every Individual should have his own way to write,to Share,to Promote his blog..Create your own tactics,your own rules and your own limits…People adviced me to read more but when I actually started blooging and writing I started reading less and the reason was the concept of other writers occupied my mind and than I was unable to develop my own thoughts…I have my own rules,own way and own tactics to promote my blog..I surely know when to post,what to post and how much to post..I maintain a multilingual blog..I like to write and I am absolutely fearless in my writings..Most of the times I write personal story but sometimes I do try to focus on social issues too..I don’t care about followers I just want to write and express myself..that’s it.
People who usually are silent “Flood of thoughts are flowing in their mind” When I’m actually sitting in front of you but at that time I might be thinking what to write next?? and so I am silent coz I spend my energy on thinking rather than speaking.. “This is how Blogging became my passion my life”

At the end the only thing I would like to say is

“Blogging is a combination of mind and heart …Let your heart decide what to write and let your brain decide when to write”

A special thanks to my friend “Triveni karnati” the one who insisted me on blogging..I am blessed to have friends like You”ll…!!!

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar
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15 thoughts on “Blogging My Passion…My Life…”

  1. Wow.. Very insightful thoughts on blogging. Being honest and original to ourself is the first rule of blogging. Nice quote. But if we can edit our life, we will never learn from it. We should learn from our life to make our tomorrow better. And yes, I am also a silent type of guy, may be that’s why my brain overflow with thoughts and that too without dams. I am glad that such friends still exist who help others follow their passion. Have a good time.. 🙂


  2. Hey Ayesha… Just two months ago I joined Indiblogger. I don’t have much idea. Whenever I like a post I read it on indiblogger and contested in a couple of contests. What help you want on Indiblogger??

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  3. Hey, Ayesha… It is a safe blogging community.. And I think we don’t have to give our blog’s password.. You can set other password with which you have to log into your indiblogger account…

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  4. I find it interested that you say that you do less reading and more writing, otherwise their words will flood your mind. I do that same on days that I plan to write a post. Before reading a single post from someone else, I’ll write mine. This way, I can prevent my thoughts from being filtered and changed by what I read. Then, after I hit publish, I’ll head over to visit other people’s blogs. I enjoyed getting to know you a little through this post. (Came over from A Momma’s View)

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  5. Thankyou for reading and it feels great to see bloggers with similiar thoughts…
    Even i read your blog and Yes even i do think Every individual is unique and that’s what my facebook page “Being Unique” says “Think Unique Be Unique”


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