Who Am I?

Hello everyone.I am Ayesha Ghadigaonkar..Before I begin to introduce me let me Tell you”ll a bit about by name.90℅ of the problems begin with my name. My name is from Arabic Origin which means “Life” “Zindagi” No doubt that’s the reason why it is my favorite word but I belong to other community..The only simple reason my mom gave me this name was because she liked it.But people they get confused..Few of them Even advised me to change my name.But I love it Coz I think It’s Unique even on Google or Facebook You”ll can’t find any other “Ayesha Ghadigaonkar”
Now coming to my life I am a moody person my behaviour is totally unpredictable..I might cancel plans at the end moments and I might enter like a hero unexpectedly at the end moment..

People say I am very mysterious and secretive and yes I am I always speak in Hints..I never speak in words directly

I love to read,write and blog..Listening To music is my another love..I am a person of principles.I never give up my principles. Self respect is of utmost importance to me..
One important thing I would like to say From childhood I have been watching Love stories,Romantic movies so I like to read and watch love story.I do write posts on love but that doesn’t mean I am involved in those things..

“A  Person who got the world crazy about smart phones is using a normal phone”

“Mark Zuckerberg the person who got the world crazy about Fb uses Fb only professionally…”

Similarly Love story authors will make others fall in love but will stay away from it

Experience is what speaks..According to me “LOVE IS THE MOST PAINFUL DISEASE WHICH CAN’T BE CURED”
A career oriented,ambitious person will always stay  way from emotions and so am I…

I will write status on love,love songs,love stories but I keep myself away from these things…I will make you”ll fall in love with my Love story but not myself…


                ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

At this stage I love myself and I just don’t care about the world I write what I want.

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