“Life is a learning process and I want to learn a new thing everyday”

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


When I thought of writing about “CONFUSING AMBITIONS” I was super excited because from school times I have been using this word “AMBITION” without even knowing it’s meaning though now I know it very well.

“Be Passionate and ambitious in whatever you do”

I proudly say “I am Ambitious” but the thing is …..

“I don’t know I am Ambitious about what but yes I am ambitious

Beginning from my school days I was a reserved personality I let my actions speak.. The problem was I was good in all the subjects so it was difficult for me to choose my specialization after 10th . Just because my grades were good I choosed “SCIENCE” and this prove out to be my first mistake.It wasn’t that I couldn’t cope up with the subjects actually there wasn’t any eager to study these subjects.. Later I realized that I like languages and those were the only lectures which I used to carefully but till than it was late…After that I choose Nutrition mere out of frustration but now I love it…This was about my profession but Coming to my AMBITIONS. I am ambitious about Writing, Blogging, Music and the list is endless.When I start writing, thoughts just overflow my mind and my hand has more speed than a typewriter. About Blogging.. I don’t know how I became passionate to blogging but I love to blog and listen to Music.. I just love Music.. and when it comes to Music I want to be a Lyricist..COZ Lyrics is what I love in music..That;s not all as I said that the list is endless Next comes “COOKING” Yes I love to Cook and my friends always appreciate my dishes..Till now I have participated In two cooking prizes and won in Both and both were my own Recipes. So I dreamt of going to “MASTER CHEF”..Well that’s a bigger dream.Later I was impressed by a TV show “ EVEREST” AND than there was a desire to climb “EVEREST” I very well know it’s not possible but atleast I could go to EVEREST BASE CAMP and definately I will. Even this is not enough I do want to make Documentaries, Short films,etc. Carrom and chess my favourite games but I am best In Carrom I had this passion of playing carrom during school times however in between I just got a reminder about this game.Next is rangoli I do like to draw rangolis but I am not yet passionate about it but I like to draw it..You never know when and how I would became passionate about anything and Everything .It’s Confusing me.But the thing is I love everything and I do each of the above mentioned thing with equal passion.One of my friend recently said “Choose any one thing as your ambition” but I can’t..Coz I think…

“Choosing One ambition will excel you only in one particular field but Choosing Different Ambitions will Explore you to learn new things”

My friends restricted me from watching Star plus show “Tamanna” when I asked the reason they said You don’t watch otherwise you”ll start playing Cricket..and the thing Is I like Cricket and Can even play well…So Confused but still I achieve Everything I wish…

Life is a learning process and I want to learn a new thing Everyday”..

My friends say you always keep on changing your goals,Ambitions but the thing is…
” I am not Changing my goals or Ambitions I am just adding new ambitions… Everyday I have a new ambition with a new plan…’

So these are my “Confusing Ambitions ” but wait a Second I have not shared my Actual ambition co z I follow ‘Chanakya Neeti”which says “Never publicize your work until it is Confirmed“So My actual Ambitions will be hidden and will be revealed only when they are 100℅ Confirmed.

This is what “CONFUSING AMBITIONS” all about…I am a Confused personality yet I am Specific..I am Confused about My Passion,dreams and Ambitions but still I love My Confusing Ambitions…
Even after sharing so many Ambitions Still …..
No one can predict my Destination not even me”

“I don’t know my Destination but I am enjoying my Journey”

I actually thank My father (Ajit Ghadigaonkar) for Understanding me always and Tolerating my Behaviour of Consatntly changing my Mind..My Mom had seen specific dreams for me but my Dad just wants to see me as a
” Succesful personality” the field doesn’t matters to him and definatley I”ll make them both proud…
This article is specially dedicated to my Parents…

Here I leave You”ll with a Song from My Mom-Dad’s Favrt movie which exactly suits this situation and my life and My Confusing Ambitions…

Papa Kehte hai bada Naam karegi..
Beti hamari aisa kaam karegi…
Magar Yeh toh koi Naa Jane…
K meri Manjil hai Kaha….”

~Ghadigaonkar Ayesha Ajit Suchitra❤

6 thoughts on “CONFUSING AMBITIONS 🎹🎼🎸📝📚”

  1. Very true, Never know what is Ambition, It changes as your life cycle changes or your priorities. Being satisfied is more important that being successful.

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