A Journey Towards My Dream (Indiblogger meet)

Indiblogger I came across this term almost a Month back…I didn’t knew what exactly Indiblogging is???But still I proudly called Myself as an “Indiblogger” The thing which attracted me in Indiblog was Indibloggers meet..I wished to attend a Indiblogger meet but was worried If it won’t be In Mumbai than???? Par mera manna hai Ki “Agar sapne sacche ho toh raaste Khud b Khud ban jaate hai” Mujhe mera raasta mil gaya ab Manjil tak Pohochne tha J.W Mariot…
Being Excited I woke up with dreams and passion in my eyes and headed towards my journey…The train arrived and For a while I glanced at the train and a Thought came in my Mind”Yeh train mujhe apne Manjil tak le jaegi” …
After reaching J.W Mariot it was a feeling like never before..Bloggers all around…and Finally the time came when the special guest of the day “Celebrity Chef” “Vikas Khanna” arrived that’s when my Heart started beating
faster..I didn’t knew that the Celebrity Chef was Vikas Khanna otherwise I would have started dancing…Once in my life I always wanted to meet him and a Dream came true..
What Could be better than this I am a Blogger as well as a Nutrition Student and Coincidentally the Base of  Indiblogger meet was #Nutrition..
Chef #VikasKhanna speaking about why Nutrition is Important and Why Should we use Oats..!!;
I want to leave None of them neither Nutrition nor Blogging…

“If Blogging rules my Heart than Nutrition Rules my Mind “

One more thing I liked about the meet was Food was tasty especially the desserts…And I learnt a Thing that Every Blogger is the same they have to use Social media for promoting their Blogs..The idea Of Cooking the recipes in a team was the best..We Cooked Oats Tikki and it was a good experience to Cook with Bloggers…As well as the Soup taquila shots was a brilliant idea  something new to try upon…Chef Vikas Khanna rocked the whole meet… Indiblogger meet meet was a huge success…While leaving Home there was a smile in every Bloggers face…Though this meet was for few time…But it seems as if ”

“I lived my whole life in those few  moments…”

One thing is I always believe in is “If you have a Strong desire in your heart to achieve something No one can stop you from It”

And I am a “Blogger by heart and a thinker by mind…”

I hope this journey never ends and Yet again a train will lead to my Dream Journey…

I thank the Indiblogger team for arranging such a beautiful meet as well as Chef Vikas Khanna….Waiting for next Indiblogger meet

#Quakerbowl #QuakerOats

                       ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar
                   (Dil se Indian..Dil se Blogger)

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