“I write from my heart and I want people to read from their heart”

Vacation Time..What people do??They roam, have Fun but as always I have to be different in whatever I do…I already had my share of Fun during the MiniVacations…Itz time for some work now and I want to utilize this vacation to the utmost…

“A writer never has a Vacation, for a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing” very rightly said By someone..

And I liked it I don’t like to rest and so I don’t need Vacations…Well coming to my Vacations..Definately I would write something  but let it big and more thoughtfull… Though I want Instant Success But I prefer a step by step process…

Stephen King says “If you want to be a writer…Do two things ” Read a lot and write a lot” Though I said that I don’t read much now because other authors ideas occupy my mind..But I have to but I will leave reading before I start to write…

So I just began with the reading phase…I am trying to analyse what others are writing and How they are writing??Don’t worry I”ll make sure I write Something Different…

Till now what I have found is all Love story authors have their own way to write..Some of them will make u laugh,some of them will make you Cry…I have experienced both these emotions while Reading…But what I think is “There must be a emotion which is Different from laughing,crying, smiling” Though I don’t know which one it is neither I knew it’s name..But I want to write something which will develop that unknown emotion in people which would be different from laughing, crying and smiling…

The another thing is usually readers read the novel But I want  Nonreaders to not only read But Feel happie to read it…

Bohot baatein kar li Maine ab kaam bhi karti hu…Itz time to actually pen down these thinkings on paper…
This Vacation is gonna be different I am not in a mood to Rome anywhere..I had enjoyed a lot…Let me enjoy in a Writer’s way…


What do You”ll think Am I on the Right track???

                  ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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