“Life changes every moment You never  Know what Tomorrow has planned for you..So always Enjoi your present and Live every moment of your life Kyunki Kya Pata “KAL HO NAA HO”

                          ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

“KAL HO NAA HO” a movie, a song..But today I don’t want to discuss about this movie and Song..I want to write Something different and Believe me To write this Different thing I listened  this song almost more than 50 times and  I Cried It’s doubled..I think before You write anything it’s neccessary to feel the moment,to live the moment..I went through every Single lyric Of this song..
“KAL HO NAA HO” those 4 words carry a deep meaning Inside and I want to take You”ll through a Story to Understand these 4 words…

Whether this Story is real, partially real or Completely imaginary I leave it to my readers to decide it…
The names are Completely Fictional…

Karan’s (POV)
Lost in the Clouds of Sorrow I was Walking, Walking and Walking..I didn’t knew which Destination will it lead to..I was just walking along the path…Today I was declared Officially an Failure…I hate My life..Why me???I don’t succeed in anything that I do and Finally I decided to end My life..I went along a Sea Shore to end My life.. It was around 1 am and the roads were Silent..As soon as I reached Sea Shore …I saw a Girl.A beautiful Girl with a Beautiful smile..the Curve of her smile was even larger than my laughter…her Brown eyes to which No one could stop them self from staring at her and her Messy hair which she kept on settling everytime..Her Pyjama and Top absolutely went with her Looks and Her slippers added to the Casual attire…I don’t know what was she Up To ..She was Standing watching the Sky..Speaking with Moon, Glancing at the Stars..I went Closer and as soon as I heard her Voice..I felt as If an Electric Current passed through me…I have never heard such a Beautiful Voice..A totally soft-spoken Voice..I went more Closer and She Noticed me….”Oh Hello What?? What are You Looking??she questioned and with my teeth Trembling I answered “Nothing”..She left that place and went on Other Side..I was still Noticing her the Joy on her face…the sparkle in her eyes..I wondered about Her perfect Life?? For a while I postponed my Suicide plan and wanted to know about her happy life..How Could a person on earth be so Happy???…I decided to know the reason and I went to her…She gave me a Weird Look..
I said ” Hello I am Karan and You???
She didn’t responded..Still I tried So what are You doing here at Late night you seem very happy..She Neglected..I kept on Trying But she didn’t responded..Finally I was Tired and about to leave than a Voice came From behind ” Aashna..My name is Aashna” Ohh that’s a beautiful name I said.I made her Comfortable and when she thought she can speak to me I enquired
So Aashna If you don’t mind Can I ask You something?? “Go ahead’ she replied..
Your life must be Good..You look so happy..Can I know this reason behind Your Happiness???

She taught For a while…and Replied..
My Life is full Of Happiness…I have everything that I want..You name it and I have It…( I was Carefully listening to every word which she said)..My life is probably was like a Fairy tale…I Lived a Princess Life…But than You Know everything can’t be Perfect..“Jab sab kuch acha hota hai toh Kuch aisa hota hai Jo aapki Zindagi badal deta hai”
What Happened???Aashna say something and Tears rolled down her eyes..and with her Tearful Voice she said ” I want to live every moment of My life” Kya pata Kal Ho Naa Ho” and immediately she left with tears in her eyes.. ….I stood there watching her from behind..I wanted to meet her again and Hope destiny Favours me and So I postponed my Plan Of Suicide…Her words “KAL HO NAA HO”were running through my Mind..and my only wish was to meet her..Looking at the Sea Shore I spent the whole night Thinking…Thinking and Thinking and with the Thoughts Of Meeting Aashna I went Home..
“Ek lamhe mai ek najar aisa asar kar jaati hai Jo akhri saans jaane k baad bhi nahi jaata”

“Sometimes a particular moment leaves a deep impact on your soul which doesn’t leave you even after your death” ..Really that day left a Deep impact on me..

Will Karan ever meet Aashna???If yes than How and where would they meet??and why Did Aashna said that Sentence??.Many questions right But Answers are in Further story… So Guys read this story and let me know your view through Comments..Do You”ll want me To Continue with this Story?? Will Continue only after seeing the Response..

Tagline:- Live every moment You Love and Love Every moment you live…

                 ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

14 thoughts on “KAL HO NAA HO….❤”

  1. It was very heart touching story and I am eagerly waiting to read further .. so plzz go ahead ..it is really a awsmm storyy..:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice start would like to know why she said that sentence n what destiny has stored for both of them


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