Arohi’s (POV)

Lost in to this Journey of life..                        I look up for you.                                              Though I didn’t find You But I still hope  to See you again..

3 years Back I Lost You..Lost You Forever..(2012) the worst year of my life..The Day you left me My Life transformed Completely..I lost myself..I became different..Returning to Home used to Kill me..So I preferred to stay out..From a Bright student I turned in to an averager..It was the time when I was in my teenage years and I needed someone to speak..I wanted to speak a lot but I waited and now itz a Lifelong wait..The Day you left me..My friends said “Don’t worry about studies you missed we are there” I said for whom should I study Now..I lost my Interest in Studies and Yes I got the results of it My Class 12th result went down..Dad was disappointed..Now there was a time to choose a Career..I couldn’t make decisions in My life..That was very difficult..So I asked U “What Should I choose? You didn’t responded..I completemy Lost faith in God “I prayed,prayed and prayed everywhere and anywhere but he didn’t listen” But later somehow I again started believing in God..Coz He is there but somewhere still even If I pray I don’t ask For anything…                

 The Day when I lost you Last words which I heard at 5.30 pm” I am fine not feeling well will speak later” and that later has not came yet..”Everyone said You called me You wanted to speak to me something “Till the time we could meet You left us..I still regret For not being there with You at Your last moments..      Few months Back I was at that Place where I saw You For the last time..It was so difficult to be there..I usually get Dreams Of You trying to speak something to me But You leave Before You speak.Those 3 years have been Difficult without  You..Now I am happy with whatever I do..But still Confused..I could make out What you wished to say was might be regarding What’s your wish to see me??

“I am asking You since 3 years You didn’t responded so I left it on my destiny and Now again the same time and I wish You to respond. Might be You try to respond But either I wake Up or You Leave..Whatever you say I will leave aside everything and Do It”

When You was there I was just the Opposite for You..But I don’t know how and when I grown up to be like You.           People say You Look like Your Mom and You speak like her too..During this year Diwali One of our Neighbour said “You exactly Fill Colours in Rangolis like Your Mom used to Fill it..Sometimes I Cook Like You..And of course My never ending Anger and The Stubborn behaviour..

“I blindly trust my Destiny and just Close my eyes and Walk..And Itz again time to Trust my Destiny and God..”

I know I am aggressive ..I take decisions mere out of anger..But still they proved to be Good..

“Have faith in Your Destiny and Your Destiny will design the Best Possible Journey for You”-ayesha Ghadigaonkar

I still believe  in this quote…

Your’s Lovingly Girl,

                  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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