SMILE- A Face..

Smile a face to be Shown But Tears a Face to be Hidden that’s what SMILE- A Face all about.                        
                       ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar                                                                                            Smile..Now I don’t need to tell the meaning of this word..We all know it..But Will anyone believe me When I would say It’s Just a Face..A  person who don’t smile Is often Considered as “Stone Hearted” “Khadoos” is what we call them and what about the person who always smiles and most of the times without any reason..Researches had already proved that a Person who smiles without any reason is not mad But has the deepest secrets in his heart, Some tears to be hidden in Eyes and a Sadness behind that Smile..Now What do You”ll think even after being Sad How Could they pretend to be Happy..How Could they Smile Everytime..There are many reasons..One reason may be they are tired of Crying so they just smile..Second reason they might believe that there’s no use of Crying..Third reason they don’t want to share their problems with any one so to hide it they wear this Face-A Smile..

Believe me You just Can’t make out from the face or smile of a Person Whether he his happy or sad??Few people will never ever show it on their face.                              They Smile in Front Of others and spread happiness all around.But at the end of day only their pillows Know the amount of tears is double the amount of their smile..They Smile Publicly But they Cry Silently..They share Good things all around but when it Comes to sharing their Problems it remains to them..It’s not that there are no people around to listen to their problems..In fact people keep on asking But “No problem” I am fine is what they answer..How long could a person wear a face???After all that hurts a lot..Someday it has to be removed..But they can’t Coz Breaking down in front of others is not their Choice..And people Just look at their Smile and appreciate”You have a Beautiful Smile” or Taunt sometimes Why are You Smiling?Well there’s no reason to wear this face..If you are happy of course you will Smile and If you are sad still Smile..

“Hothon Ki Hasi dekhne Se pehle ek baar ankhon mai Jhak k dekho”

Somewhere between Smiling Without happiness and Crying without reason we all grew up..

                               ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar 

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