Mesco (Modern Educational Social and Cultural Organisation).. A hidden name which is doing social work since ages.. This organisation is doing wonders in the areas of social work and still many people are not aware about it…Today I want to thank them for everything, for supporting me in my education, for always being there like a family.

My journey with Mesco started in 2011.After my SSC..Financial situations were not so good that time and I was in need of a scholarship. I scored 90%..And after a lucky draw, few interviews and everything I got their scholarship. Financial support was received throughout my education..A bonding since 5-6 yr. Very friendly and supportive staff. It’s one of those organisation who is actually working for betterment but is silent about their deeds. Initially right from my College, Tution fees as well as Few other educational expenses were funded by them! I learnt at MESCO “You rise up by lifting others” I have seen students achieving heights of success with the support of MESCO….

I wish this organisation continues this Great work….All the best for their future endeavors. I am associated with this organisation for around 6 yr and hope this bond continues for lifetime..

Will always remember MESCO!

Mesco(Helping people to live a better tomorrow)

My Heartfelt💓 thanks to Mesco! Even a thankyou is not enough!

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


  1. Hi ayesha.
    I am very impressed by your writing. Your writing is very simple, neat, clear and crisp, which can be understand by anyone or by any age of people.
    There are many things you convey from your posts. Its filled love, emotions, dream, success, etc.
    I am sure oneday… you will be a great author.
    Respect for your writing.
    I wish you a very best of luck.
    Keep exploring… waiting for new posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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