“आहात का तुम्ही शिवाजी?”

चंद्रकोर लावून तुम्ही शिवाजी झालात का? गाडीवर महाराजांची नाव व पाठी लावून तुम्ही शिवाजी झालात का?
शिवाजींचा इतिहास जाणून घेतला म्हणून तुम्ही शिवाजी झालात का?
महाराजांसारखी दाढी वाढवून तुम्ही शिवाजी झालात का?

जर असं असेल तर खरा शिवाजी तुम्ही कधीच समजला नाही…
जो स्त्रियांचा आदर करतो, तो शिवाजी…
जो आईसाहेबांचा हुकूम मानतो तोच शिवाजी…
जो गुरूंच्या आज्ञेत असतो, तो शिवाजी
जो कोणालाही नं घाबरता, निडर पणे जगतो तो शिवाजी
जो मराठी असल्याचा अभिमान बाळगतो तो शिवाजी…
जो परस्त्री, माता, बहीण समान असं म्हणतो तो शिवाजी

आता सांगा…आहात का तुम्ही शिवाजी?

आज सर्वांनाच शिवाजी महाराज व्हायचं आहे, पण मावळे व्ह्यायला कोणीही तयार नाही.

एक माणूस म्हणून मी महाराजांसारखा दिसतो का? हे बघण्यापेक्षा मी छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांसारखा वागतो का हे बघा

🚩।।जय शिवराय।। 🚩

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

Marathi Translation :- Sunil Zadane



“If you feel like quitting always think JUST A FEW MORE STEPS ” and I’ll be there at my destination!

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

I had seen myself growing as a blogger, as a dietician, as a writer but sometimes I don’t know why even if everything is good I suddenly feel depressed coz I haven’t achieved my destination yet…I have so many dreams and haven’t reached even half the way…

I wonder when will it happen? Or it will ever happen? Or I am just a dreamer who fails to execute dreams in to reality.Sometimes I feel to quit everything and sit quiet but when I look back i could see I have travelled a lot…Even the start point is not visible.So quiting sounds a very bad idea.And so I write Inspirational posts coz most of the times I am myself confused, stressed and depressed for no reason.

I don’t understand where exactly I want to reach? Am I on the right way? Or have i lost track? A Inspirational writer being frustrated, being stressed but still managing to write inspirational posts!

I spend ample amount of time for my passion and in return I also receive taunts. “It’s of no use just wastage of time..Are you earning anything through it? If no then leave it…

I just want to say I do not blog to earn.I blog because I love to…But my love for blogging still haven’t reached on it’s destination.And so I am currently tired of this struggle.. Though I am still trying every possible way I could but some where even a Inspirational writer needs a motivation..

Let’s see where my life takes me in this never ending struggle.

Life is a endless struggle to quit or to succeed is our choice…

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



I am fine or not fine.Always a Blogger.#BloggerForever..

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

Article on demand.When u get a call around 11.30 pm saying get well soon We miss you yaar.Post on FB, write blogs get back as you are.Happy Now?

Blogging“Even a small word can change your life.And yes Blogging did changed my life.4 th June was the first day when I blogged.2 yrs of my Blogging journey and I have grown a lot.I never thought I will be a Blogger one day.My destiny brought me towards it and I accepted it
The Story Begins….

A Blogging session at my college and the speaker was famous Food and Nutrition Blogger” Kajal Bhatia“..She started speaking about Blogging, How to open a Blog and so on.Somwhere I got inspired but not that inspired to open a Blog.At the end of her session she asked “How many of you”ll will open a Blog? Almost everyone raised the hand except a few.And I belonged to those people who didn’t raised their hand coz my beheviour is if I actually want to do something I end up doing it directly rather than publicizing it…Later I started Blogging mere out of angry.. Recently I met an astrolger who said “You are aggressive, Get very angry at times and you take decisions when u are in anger..No doubt he was right I choose Nutrition in anger, I opened a Blog in anger.I left my studies and went ahead as a Dietician of Gym in anger. And I don’t know what ahead. But I am happy that I am blogging and I love to Blog.Intially when I started Blogging It was difficult for me to make people responding.No Bloggers liked or responded on the post.Though people on Facebook and other social media responded well but that wasn’t enough.Later I was about to give up the idea of Blogging.But I couldn’t I felt ok if no one responds still I’ll blog.Coz I want to blog for myself .There started my journey of Blogging where in I blogged for myself without thinking anyone is reading it or not.Or Anyone is liking it or not.I love my blogs and I kept on Blogging.I started Blogging when I just entered My T.Y which means Studies also need to be managed.I had to decide my priorities.But I quitted none of them.I don’t need to study daily just a few days before exam and I am done.I took the advantage of my this quality and utilised the time to blog and promote my blog.Every night after completing with my assignments I used to research on Blogging ..Rarely a sleep of 4 hrs.And next morning in the class I used to take naps.Whatever it was I enjoyed that phase of my Life.Where I balanced both my Studies as well as Blogging.Frankly I gave more importance to Blogging.People always say “Don’t try to keep your legs on two stones”Choose one thing”But no sooner I got this phrase wrong.I came 1st in Last yr..Completed my Graduation in Nutrition with Good percentage.

Why don’t u focus on one thing choose either of the one.I tried but I wasn’t.Coz I was equally Good at everything.And even today everyone says focus on one thing but I am unable to.I want both!

I am a die hard Blogger..I am fine or not fine, anyone reads my blog or no.I will blog.

If Blogging rules my heart than Nutrition rules my Mind!

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar