New Girl in the City 2

Somewhere I was so busy calling myself a dietician that i forgot I am a writer”

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

New girl in the city..When I thought of writing this article again the only thought came in my mind was it might not be like the 1st one but still it should be one of my best article..New girl in the city from a different perspective.I know I am writing after a long time but don’t forget ” You can never take out the writing skills out of a writer .A writer is a writer forever”

Here we go with this article and again I’ll say the author is not Aisha Banerjee it’s “Ayesha Ghadigaonkar”

New girl in the city is like a dream article for me. My stories , My life , My emotions all are summed up in this article.I never thought of being a writer but today I am one.I never thought of being a dietician but today I am one..I have born and brought up in Mumbai. Mumbai this city is of “Dreamers” And my story is all about dreams.

My story starts with a dream to be a writer. A novelist. I have seen this dream when I was in college and slowly this dream turned out to be my passion.But since I just graduated as a dietician I took a job opportunity. As soon as I started job I rarely had time to write. And so it used to hurt me a lot. There were times when I used to cry in trains when I had no time to write but as soon as the destination used to come I used to get down wipe my tears and get back to my job as dietician. But later I again took to writing and I was happy. But somewhere being a dietician I forgot I was a writer too…But still I kept on writing as and when I got time.But that’s not what my dream was. Today my dream of becoming a Novelist is still a “DREAM”coz I became a New girl in the city by living a new dream.I took dietetics as a career but I didn’t realize when I actually started loving it.Today I love my job and my role as a dietician. And then started my new dream of becoming a established dietician and well known Nutrition Blogger .I very well know I might not be that good dietician. But still I won’t take a step back from hardwork.And yes now I became a new girl in the city by living my new dream of “Think Nutritionally” it’s a step of me enhancing as a dietician. With time my priorities and dreams changed.

“Life doesn’t works as per our plans Life has it own plans”

You never know when ur life will take a turn and you will live a new dream..Being a dreamer by nature I find the real joys in my small big dreams. And my New girl in the City is all about new dreams…

The moment I understood my new dream I thought of writing New Girl in the City 2 coz “You are a new girl in the city when u start living a new dream”

And as I say Just enjoy your dreams in a place where you would love to go with someone special who would love to accompany and support your dreams .Well I have no one. But I love my self .I am self obsessed and I am dating myself. I love this concept of new dreams where you dream to be self established woman. Love is a secondary thing for a self established woman. It’s Ok if I am not able to be a Novelist today may or may not be in future but I am happy with my new dream. And as long as you are happy with what you do nothing is wrong …

Dreams keep on changing it’s your choice which dream you should be fulfilling”

“Be a New girl in the city by living a new dream and I am sure you will love this City of dreams”

I guess I am done with my article New girl in the city.Let me know about your dreams in comment section..Hope you liked this article.

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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“If you feel like quitting always think JUST A FEW MORE STEPS ” and I’ll be there at my destination!

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

I had seen myself growing as a blogger, as a dietician, as a writer but sometimes I don’t know why even if everything is good I suddenly feel depressed coz I haven’t achieved my destination yet…I have so many dreams and haven’t reached even half the way…

I wonder when will it happen? Or it will ever happen? Or I am just a dreamer who fails to execute dreams in to reality.Sometimes I feel to quit everything and sit quiet but when I look back i could see I have travelled a lot…Even the start point is not visible.So quiting sounds a very bad idea.And so I write Inspirational posts coz most of the times I am myself confused, stressed and depressed for no reason.

I don’t understand where exactly I want to reach? Am I on the right way? Or have i lost track? A Inspirational writer being frustrated, being stressed but still managing to write inspirational posts!

I spend ample amount of time for my passion and in return I also receive taunts. “It’s of no use just wastage of time..Are you earning anything through it? If no then leave it…

I just want to say I do not blog to earn.I blog because I love to…But my love for blogging still haven’t reached on it’s destination.And so I am currently tired of this struggle.. Though I am still trying every possible way I could but some where even a Inspirational writer needs a motivation..

Let’s see where my life takes me in this never ending struggle.

Life is a endless struggle to quit or to succeed is our choice…

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




I think I have finally chosen what I should do? All this while I was asking you.. But how could I forget You had a Single dream for me and I have end number of dreams.. After I lost you and after my 12th I began the journey of fulfilling your dreams but I was  guided  wrong someone told me if you choose this course you will have ample amount of time to study to fulfill your mom’s dream and that’s how I landed there and that was the only reason I joined it.. But I didn’t found time to study.. Ok I said I’ll study for the course which I had chosen now.. I studied a Bit very casually just expected a first class But I was amazed to see the results I got above 70% and stood first in the class…Than I started studying seriously to maintain the record and I started involving myself.. Within this period many other dream developed.. Few are small and few are Big but they are too many.. I developed interest in writing.. And somewhere between fulfilling so many dreams I forgot Your Only single dream.. That’s a quite Big one mom.. Currently I am not capable of it but I will give a try wholeheartedly but I can’t assure you.. I was unable to do it within these 3 years coz I didn’t had time but Now I can manage and….

“No Doubt my destiny has brought me to the same place from where it began”

“3 saal pehle jaha se shuru kiya tha aj fir taqdir ne vaha laake khada kar diya”

I have many friends to share things but I prefer not to express my weakness or problems to anyone.. I feel it better to write it out here Neither I know anyone nor do people know me and the ones who know me they will read it only when I send them a link and which I will never send.. Well I will stop writing these articles coz I catch Cold easily.. Anyway that’s it for today..  I would like to dedicate a line for you  from a  Song  from our favorite serial and
of course the one which you watched and dreamed…

“Tumne jo dekhe sapne suhane un sapnon ko apna banane”

I will try to reach somewhere nearby at least…

Your’ s Loving Daughter,

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




“I want to earn but then I also  want to learn”
~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Learn new and different things everyday.. I don’t want to live a life which says College at the age of 18 yrs.. Job at the age of 21 yrs.. Marriage at the age of 24 yrs and so on…
I want to live my Life on my terms.. Our Society has created a Monotonous pattern..
First SSC, than HSC than a Degree and than Masters…Now I am Final year BSc Student.. After BSc What? is the question often people ask me as well as I ask myself.. But the Society wants you to follow this monotonous pattern.. After BSc an MSc.. What if we don’t pursue an MSc? Will we be successful ? Well that’s not a question our society has already given the answers ”BSc has no value” ..From my childhood days I had the urge to choose something different.. I never wanted to do the things which everyone does.. I just don’t want to collect degrees.. I  want to be satisfied with whatever I do.. Sometimes people call me Crazy just because I don’t live the way they live…

Sometimes I want to WRITE
  Sometimes I want to BLOG
  Sometimes I want to DREAM
Sometimes I want to READ
  Sometimes I want to DRAW
  Sometimes I want to TRAVEL
  Sometimes I want to WORK
Sometimes I want to SING

  Sometimes I want to make a DOCUMENTARY
  Sometimes I want to make a SHORT FILM
  Sometimes I want to COOK
Sometimes I want to TREK TO THE HIGHEST PEAK

Sometimes I want to LISTEN TO MUSIC
  Sometimes I want to write LYRICS”

I don’t want to live a monotonous life …

No doubt I have few dreams in my mind but I don’t want to sacrifice the small joys of life for it”

It’s not that I  don’t want to earn.. I want to earn But I also want learn.. Learn new and different things everyday”

” I feel life is all about Learning and Exploring new things”

“And at the end of  life when we are on our  death bed..We will remember the moments which we had enjoyed not d syllabus…”

“So enjoy d life on ur own terms simultaneously do something worth which will convert ur dream into reality”

Till now I have lived my life on my terms… I did almost everything I wished.. But now I am not a teenager anymore. I have grown up…So what should I choose DREAM LIFE OR REALITY? and Will the Society accept ME? 

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



New Girl in the City…

I am not new to Mumbai Neither Mumbai is new to me But Still I became New Girl in this City When I started Living My Dream coz Mumbai Itself is a “Dream”

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


New Girl in the City…I know many other Bloggers have written a article on “New girl in the City” but every Blogger have their own way to write, to express and here’s my way…

“Wake Up Sid” released in 2009..I was in 9 th Std that time a School Girl.I never ever thought of Writing in my School days but When I watched this Movie I loved It …I could feel the Emotions in this movie..I could relate to Konakana Sen Sharma’s role But I was too small to Understand Why I liked this movie???But Now I have my answers…
“New Girl In The City”
Mumbai a City of Dreams “Sapnon ka Sheher”.. Thousands of people travel everyday with their dreams to this City But only a handful succeed..I live in Mumbai since my Birth and I love Mumbai..I am not new to Mumbai Neither Mumbai is new to me..But I became a New Girl in this City..Wondering How???Here’s my story and this time the author is not “Aisha Banerjee” itz “Ayesha Ghadigaonkar “
Here We began…

Living in Mumbai for 21 yrs. I know almost every place in Mumbai…But still something was Missing “Dreams” yes “Sapne“Mumbai ki baat Ho Aur Sapne naa aye aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta..I am a ambitious person though I didn’t knew my ambition..I called myself as Ambitious ..I was unaware about my Biggest strength and someone makes You aware of it.Though I used to write But there was someone behind it…I had a reason to write..I wanted to express my thoughts to someone..I started taking the Joy Of this City When I started Writing..I understood what Mumbai actually is..Mumbai Is a “Dream” itself ..I Loved the Scene From “Wake Up Sid”where Konkana Sen Sharma Sits near ” Worli Sea face” with her diary and Beautiful thoughts accompanied By Ranbeer Kappor..Itz a perfect Combination Of Dreams,Love and Nature..Once in my life I wish to sit near a seashore with my Thoughts a Diary and just want someone To Capture this Moment…That’s how I became “New Girl to this City” When I started Living My Dreams Coz if U r In Mumbai and You don’t have a dream …Sorry But U are not a “True Mumbaikar” .My Perception towards this City Changed after I knew what my Dream is?? I have fallen in love with this City…My Friends Often ask me Why You want to Visit Worli Sea face always???Here’s the answer Guys ….As I said in the Beginning I didn’t knew Why I liked “Wake Up Sid” in my School days though I didn’t used to write that time..But Now I know The Future was destined already and I believe”‘Dreams are already designed by our destiny we just need to understand them”Though we get Hints but Human nature we neglect it…One more thing Which I very often say “Dreaming alone is just a Beginning But Dreaming with someone is new beginning”… That’s How I became a “New Girl in the City…”
This is Mumbai
” Dreams till your Dream becomes true.
Love till Your Love reaches your
and Enjoy every moment till You live..”

So Visit any beautiful place in Mumbai with Your special ones and Of course Your Dreams and be New To this City…

New Girl in the City…

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




“I write from my heart and I want people to read from their heart”

Vacation Time..What people do??They roam, have Fun but as always I have to be different in whatever I do…I already had my share of Fun during the MiniVacations…Itz time for some work now and I want to utilize this vacation to the utmost…

“A writer never has a Vacation, for a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing” very rightly said By someone..

And I liked it I don’t like to rest and so I don’t need Vacations…Well coming to my Vacations..Definately I would write something  but let it big and more thoughtfull… Though I want Instant Success But I prefer a step by step process…

Stephen King says “If you want to be a writer…Do two things ” Read a lot and write a lot” Though I said that I don’t read much now because other authors ideas occupy my mind..But I have to but I will leave reading before I start to write…

So I just began with the reading phase…I am trying to analyse what others are writing and How they are writing??Don’t worry I”ll make sure I write Something Different…

Till now what I have found is all Love story authors have their own way to write..Some of them will make u laugh,some of them will make you Cry…I have experienced both these emotions while Reading…But what I think is “There must be a emotion which is Different from laughing,crying, smiling” Though I don’t know which one it is neither I knew it’s name..But I want to write something which will develop that unknown emotion in people which would be different from laughing, crying and smiling…

The another thing is usually readers read the novel But I want  Nonreaders to not only read But Feel happie to read it…

Bohot baatein kar li Maine ab kaam bhi karti hu…Itz time to actually pen down these thinkings on paper…
This Vacation is gonna be different I am not in a mood to Rome anywhere..I had enjoyed a lot…Let me enjoy in a Writer’s way…


What do You”ll think Am I on the Right track???

                  ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



“Life is a learning process and I want to learn a new thing everyday”

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


When I thought of writing about “CONFUSING AMBITIONS” I was super excited because from school times I have been using this word “AMBITION” without even knowing it’s meaning though now I know it very well.

“Be Passionate and ambitious in whatever you do”

I proudly say “I am Ambitious” but the thing is …..

“I don’t know I am Ambitious about what but yes I am ambitious

Beginning from my school days I was a reserved personality I let my actions speak.. The problem was I was good in all the subjects so it was difficult for me to choose my specialization after 10th . Just because my grades were good I choosed “SCIENCE” and this prove out to be my first mistake.It wasn’t that I couldn’t cope up with the subjects actually there wasn’t any eager to study these subjects.. Later I realized that I like languages and those were the only lectures which I used to carefully but till than it was late…After that I choose Nutrition mere out of frustration but now I love it…This was about my profession but Coming to my AMBITIONS. I am ambitious about Writing, Blogging, Music and the list is endless.When I start writing, thoughts just overflow my mind and my hand has more speed than a typewriter. About Blogging.. I don’t know how I became passionate to blogging but I love to blog and listen to Music.. I just love Music.. and when it comes to Music I want to be a Lyricist..COZ Lyrics is what I love in music..That;s not all as I said that the list is endless Next comes “COOKING” Yes I love to Cook and my friends always appreciate my dishes..Till now I have participated In two cooking prizes and won in Both and both were my own Recipes. So I dreamt of going to “MASTER CHEF”..Well that’s a bigger dream.Later I was impressed by a TV show “ EVEREST” AND than there was a desire to climb “EVEREST” I very well know it’s not possible but atleast I could go to EVEREST BASE CAMP and definately I will. Even this is not enough I do want to make Documentaries, Short films,etc. Carrom and chess my favourite games but I am best In Carrom I had this passion of playing carrom during school times however in between I just got a reminder about this game.Next is rangoli I do like to draw rangolis but I am not yet passionate about it but I like to draw it..You never know when and how I would became passionate about anything and Everything .It’s Confusing me.But the thing is I love everything and I do each of the above mentioned thing with equal passion.One of my friend recently said “Choose any one thing as your ambition” but I can’t..Coz I think…

“Choosing One ambition will excel you only in one particular field but Choosing Different Ambitions will Explore you to learn new things”

My friends restricted me from watching Star plus show “Tamanna” when I asked the reason they said You don’t watch otherwise you”ll start playing Cricket..and the thing Is I like Cricket and Can even play well…So Confused but still I achieve Everything I wish…

Life is a learning process and I want to learn a new thing Everyday”..

My friends say you always keep on changing your goals,Ambitions but the thing is…
” I am not Changing my goals or Ambitions I am just adding new ambitions… Everyday I have a new ambition with a new plan…’

So these are my “Confusing Ambitions ” but wait a Second I have not shared my Actual ambition co z I follow ‘Chanakya Neeti”which says “Never publicize your work until it is Confirmed“So My actual Ambitions will be hidden and will be revealed only when they are 100℅ Confirmed.

This is what “CONFUSING AMBITIONS” all about…I am a Confused personality yet I am Specific..I am Confused about My Passion,dreams and Ambitions but still I love My Confusing Ambitions…
Even after sharing so many Ambitions Still …..
No one can predict my Destination not even me”

“I don’t know my Destination but I am enjoying my Journey”

I actually thank My father (Ajit Ghadigaonkar) for Understanding me always and Tolerating my Behaviour of Consatntly changing my Mind..My Mom had seen specific dreams for me but my Dad just wants to see me as a
” Succesful personality” the field doesn’t matters to him and definatley I”ll make them both proud…
This article is specially dedicated to my Parents…

Here I leave You”ll with a Song from My Mom-Dad’s Favrt movie which exactly suits this situation and my life and My Confusing Ambitions…

Papa Kehte hai bada Naam karegi..
Beti hamari aisa kaam karegi…
Magar Yeh toh koi Naa Jane…
K meri Manjil hai Kaha….”

~Ghadigaonkar Ayesha Ajit Suchitra❤