“If you feel like quitting always think JUST A FEW MORE STEPS ” and I’ll be there at my destination!

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

I had seen myself growing as a blogger, as a dietician, as a writer but sometimes I don’t know why even if everything is good I suddenly feel depressed coz I haven’t achieved my destination yet…I have so many dreams and haven’t reached even half the way…

I wonder when will it happen? Or it will ever happen? Or I am just a dreamer who fails to execute dreams in to reality.Sometimes I feel to quit everything and sit quiet but when I look back i could see I have travelled a lot…Even the start point is not visible.So quiting sounds a very bad idea.And so I write Inspirational posts coz most of the times I am myself confused, stressed and depressed for no reason.

I don’t understand where exactly I want to reach? Am I on the right way? Or have i lost track? A Inspirational writer being frustrated, being stressed but still managing to write inspirational posts!

I spend ample amount of time for my passion and in return I also receive taunts. “It’s of no use just wastage of time..Are you earning anything through it? If no then leave it…

I just want to say I do not blog to earn.I blog because I love to…But my love for blogging still haven’t reached on it’s destination.And so I am currently tired of this struggle.. Though I am still trying every possible way I could but some where even a Inspirational writer needs a motivation..

Let’s see where my life takes me in this never ending struggle.

Life is a endless struggle to quit or to succeed is our choice…

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Random Thoughts

Just Wondering what if my mom would have seen writing me?Would she be happy?Or she would have called it a waste of time?Writing is still fine..But what about writing Love stories?She would have encouraged me? Or Scolded?

I try a lot to speak to her but photographs don’t respond.

But still what I would say is today I can write coz she gave birth to a writer, to a thinker.

Well I can’t answer this only She can!

One song from the movie “Ti sadhya Kay karte” which was probably used for a love story. But here I am dedicating it to my mom.

Kitida Navyane Tula athavave dolyatle Pani Navyane bahave


Everytime when I think of you in a new way Tears roll down my eyes in a new way…


                   From your loving daughter

                 ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Jab Zindagi Karvat Badalti Hai…         Naa Jane vo humse Kya chahti Hai…   Hum toh use apnana chahte Hai..           Lekin Vo humse muh fer leti Hai…

                        ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

“Kal Ho Naa Ho” a story which I started writing a year back and haven’t completed yet…Few people are waiting since a year to read the ending of this story.So here I go…
Karan’s (POV)

Waiting for her response I woke up early morning.And I first checked my Mobile.No response.She has not responded.I consoled myself by thinking She might not have seen it yet.No sooner I realised I was late.I quickly rushed in to the washroom and got ready for work.I took a Cab and was having a look out of the window.Glancing through the same place where we meet first Time.I wish she responds and I meet her back.Later I reached office..Got involved in my daily work.Looking at the clock continuously I wanted to go home..Whenever my mobile beeped I got Curious.But she wasn’t it.My work hours were over.I went Home.Got freshed and was about to sleep.My phone beeped she responded “Same place Same Time “I looked at the Clock and immediately rushed caught a cab and went to that place.I found her here and there and everywhere.She wasn’t there.I sat there looking at the waves throwing stones in water.While I was deep involved in past memories I felt a soft hand at my shoulder and so I looked back to see who it was?Unbelievable it was she. Yes she came.And I was so Happy..I hugged her..I cried and said Please don’t do this to me..”I Love You”Say something now I said but now she was quite..She started laughing weirdly Don’t know whether it was a laugh or a cry.

Aashna..Aashna Agarwal I had everything Every luxury in my Life.The thing I named and I had it.But than something happened which changed my Life…

With lots of question in my eyes I asked “Aashna say what happened?

She said “ I am living a Life beyond death”

With my eyes raised and ears wide.I was shocked to hear this.She continued

I  visited this place very often.One night while I was walking I got a call.I was speaking on the phone.And a Car tharshed me.I was taken to the hospital and was declared ……This place has certain dreams of Mine..My ambitions, My career.But everything ruined in a fraction of second “Vo Kehte haina Zindagi badalne k liye Ek pal hi kaafi hota Hai“Than one day I met You I realised you came here to suicide and I don’t want you to do it.I wanted to live but my life was snatched...”Life is a beautiful gift given by God and we should respect it”

And There is Life beyond death. I love this life too.I am a free bird here.I still write.The only thing is It’s not like before .Not everyone can see me.Not everyone can speak to me.

I cried like never before”For the first time I loved someone and it proves out to be this.Please say this all is a lie .You are Just Joking.    

“Live the life you dream,Dream the life you love”My life is finish but you have a long way to go.Take this (Something covered with a paper) and “I Love you too”.May be u might not see me after this Coz my work is done.I was still half alive coz my last wish my dream was incomplete.And Today I found someone and I have complete faith You will complete my dream.So I take a leave. Love you 

Always remember “Enjoy Every moment of Your Life”Kya Pata Kal Ho Naa Ho…

And with her soft hands she closed my eyes and kissed me on cheek.And when I opened my eyes she disappeared.I went home.Opened the thing she had given me It was a Diary, Her Diary, Her Story, Her Dream to be a writer and Note(The Story is incomplete.Can you complete it for me?)..From that day I got a reason to live.Never ever I have thought of Suiciding now..Everyday I complete her story by living my story.Even today I visit the place with a hope I could see her but she doesn’t comes.The Love of My Life taught me to Live…To Love 

I Love You Aashna. And with this sentence the story of the best selling Novel ended .Guess the author? No it’s not Karan…

It’s Aashna. Yes he wrote it on her behalf.

I guess you”ll will be wondering what’s the name of the book?If not start wondering..The cover page at the end..

So this was the Story “Kal Ho Naa Ho”.Till now even the secret was revealed why she said “Kal Ho Naa Ho”I don’t know how it is?Whether it’s good or not?.But it is what it is and at the end I will just  leave you”ll with this song.

“Harpal yaha Ji bhar Jiyo Jo Hai Sama Kal Ho Naa Ho”

Now I would answer the question i asked at the beginning..Is it a real or a fiction story?Anyone can say now it’s a fiction story..I have completely imagined it..But I have lived the character..

Secondly I know further I would be getting questions like Why such a ending?

1) I haven’t seen happy endings in my life.How can I write one? I believe And they lived happily ever after exists only in stories and not in real life..

2) I always felt the need to keep a ending impactful…

So what do you”ll learns

Dreams don’t die unless we do but there is a Life beyond death

Please Let me know your reviews

           ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Life my favourite word.I thought Life was about enjoying every moment we live..Smiling, Laughing, Dancing and also sadness. But sadly I realised this is not Life.
Recently I saw a talk by “Manisha Koirala”And I totally agree to what she said..“Life happens when we are Busy making other plans

Indeed I was making some plans regarding my career.Regarding some materialistic things and the real life happened to me..

Now my Life has brought me to a stage where I fear to smile, I can’t even cry, I fear of Happiness..I fear of Living..

I don’t smile like before coz I think If I smile My life will make 4 times..It’s better I stay Quiet.

Last year I left my studies though there were two reasons for that and I went up for a job thinking I”ll continue next year.And I was all set to continue with my studies this year.But my destiny played a game and I think this time also I won’t be able to continue..

Kis Mukaam par laa Diya Ae Zindagi ab hasne se pehle bhi das bar sochungi ki ek hasi ka hisaab kitne ansuon see Chukana padega..Usse accha hum Hase hi Na….!!!

                   ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


The Fault in my Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

After a long time I took to writing.No sooner did I realised I might have lost the sparkle.After sitting and thinking for 1 hour I wrote few things and I backspaced them.Realising this is not the way I write.I have lost my sparkle.My skills.My writing Skills.The most difficult phase of my life..Before this phase came there was a phase where I said “This is the most beautiful phase of my Life”And no sooner did the beautiful phase got converted in to the worst phase.The problem lies here whenever I feel I am happy something happens with takes the happiness away and again I am repeating “I FEAR OF HAPPINESS“I am at a phase where I actually think twice before being happy.Coz it has happened many a times..I smile but it’s just a face.I just wish this dark phase goes away early ..

Would just say one thing….

This time it’s Never ending fear…I hate to be happy.

The Fault in My Stars🌟

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Title Credit:- The Fault in My Stars. 

Only the Title is being related to John Green’s Book.

Stars a beautiful thing to Look on But what if there is a Fault in your stars?

Aarohi’s (POV)

Today I don’t know what to write.Just penning down my emotions.Life my favourite and yes I am a Lover of Life..I love to Live,love to eat, love to enjoy.My Life was Good.Though few ups and downs but it was Good.Happy I was..But always I believed rather I feared of one thing “Happiness I know happiness is not a thing to be feared of.Who fears of Happiness?But I do.Yes I fear of Happiness coz Whenever my Life had given me Happiness, whenever it seems perfect and I am just happy with everything something happens which leaves me stunned.

My Current phase of Life I defined as the best phase of Life.Everything was just perfect.I was doing well in my Job, no other probs.A stage of Life which everyone desires.Happiest stage.Little did I know I was forgetting If happiness is coming from all side.Something is wrong the next moment .And yes I was right it is wrong .    

At this stage Everything just changed with in a moment.I can see my dreams clearly dying,My Career Ending.Only one thing is running around my mind.Currently Dreams and Career are Secondary.Just left hopes for any dreams or career.Now I have to Struggle a Different Battle..And yes now I fear a lot.

The Fault In My Stars 🌟…….

Sitaron k age jahan aur bhi Zindagi Mai abhi imtihaan aur bhi Hai…

Its Nothing Just a Fault in My stars..

                    ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


SMILE- A Face..

Smile a face to be Shown But Tears a Face to be Hidden that’s what SMILE- A Face all about.                        
                       ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar                                                                                            Smile..Now I don’t need to tell the meaning of this word..We all know it..But Will anyone believe me When I would say It’s Just a Face..A  person who don’t smile Is often Considered as “Stone Hearted” “Khadoos” is what we call them and what about the person who always smiles and most of the times without any reason..Researches had already proved that a Person who smiles without any reason is not mad But has the deepest secrets in his heart, Some tears to be hidden in Eyes and a Sadness behind that Smile..Now What do You”ll think even after being Sad How Could they pretend to be Happy..How Could they Smile Everytime..There are many reasons..One reason may be they are tired of Crying so they just smile..Second reason they might believe that there’s no use of Crying..Third reason they don’t want to share their problems with any one so to hide it they wear this Face-A Smile..

Believe me You just Can’t make out from the face or smile of a Person Whether he his happy or sad??Few people will never ever show it on their face.                              They Smile in Front Of others and spread happiness all around.But at the end of day only their pillows Know the amount of tears is double the amount of their smile..They Smile Publicly But they Cry Silently..They share Good things all around but when it Comes to sharing their Problems it remains to them..It’s not that there are no people around to listen to their problems..In fact people keep on asking But “No problem” I am fine is what they answer..How long could a person wear a face???After all that hurts a lot..Someday it has to be removed..But they can’t Coz Breaking down in front of others is not their Choice..And people Just look at their Smile and appreciate”You have a Beautiful Smile” or Taunt sometimes Why are You Smiling?Well there’s no reason to wear this face..If you are happy of course you will Smile and If you are sad still Smile..

“Hothon Ki Hasi dekhne Se pehle ek baar ankhon mai Jhak k dekho”

Somewhere between Smiling Without happiness and Crying without reason we all grew up..

                               ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar 


A Meaningful Gift…

Few people just come in Your life For a Purpose and once the purpose is done they leave..My life transformed from a Normal person to a person who likes to  write passionately..Wondering How’s that Possible?? It’s possible Coz few people enter your life to make You aware about Your Dreams though sometimes they do it Unknowingly But U get a Purpose to Live..a Dream to achieve and someone to accompany..
LIFE IS A JOURNEY WHICH TAKES YOU TO YOUR DESTINATION” Though I haven’t reach my Destination But my work is half done and thanks For accompanying..Now when people  transfer or shift itz a Tradition To Gift them Something and You”ll know my Brain works in a Hatke Style..So Even my Gifts are Hatke..
Has anyone ever gifted a Novel to a Complete I repeat a Complete Non reader?An absolutely hater of reading..I guess no Coz we usually Gift something which the person likes.But I will do it..No my intentions are Good..You won’t understand now why I want you to read Novels But the day You will Understand Probably You will start writing and that Too better than Me..A great time spent..I actually Started Loving My life and I actually Love myself and . …. … …Wish You Good luck and as I always say “Yeh Zindagi Bohot Lambi hai Kahi Naa Kahi Toh takraa hi Jayenge”

“You know every Fiction has a Bit reality behind it and

“It started with a Friend Request”(Sudeep Nagarkar)..Read this Even I want to read it..

                    ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar 


A Journey Towards My Dream (Indiblogger meet)

Indiblogger I came across this term almost a Month back…I didn’t knew what exactly Indiblogging is???But still I proudly called Myself as an “Indiblogger” The thing which attracted me in Indiblog was Indibloggers meet..I wished to attend a Indiblogger meet but was worried If it won’t be In Mumbai than???? Par mera manna hai Ki “Agar sapne sacche ho toh raaste Khud b Khud ban jaate hai” Mujhe mera raasta mil gaya ab Manjil tak Pohochne tha J.W Mariot…
Being Excited I woke up with dreams and passion in my eyes and headed towards my journey…The train arrived and For a while I glanced at the train and a Thought came in my Mind”Yeh train mujhe apne Manjil tak le jaegi” …
After reaching J.W Mariot it was a feeling like never before..Bloggers all around…and Finally the time came when the special guest of the day “Celebrity Chef” “Vikas Khanna” arrived that’s when my Heart started beating
faster..I didn’t knew that the Celebrity Chef was Vikas Khanna otherwise I would have started dancing…Once in my life I always wanted to meet him and a Dream came true..
What Could be better than this I am a Blogger as well as a Nutrition Student and Coincidentally the Base of  Indiblogger meet was #Nutrition..
Chef #VikasKhanna speaking about why Nutrition is Important and Why Should we use Oats..!!;
I want to leave None of them neither Nutrition nor Blogging…

“If Blogging rules my Heart than Nutrition Rules my Mind “

One more thing I liked about the meet was Food was tasty especially the desserts…And I learnt a Thing that Every Blogger is the same they have to use Social media for promoting their Blogs..The idea Of Cooking the recipes in a team was the best..We Cooked Oats Tikki and it was a good experience to Cook with Bloggers…As well as the Soup taquila shots was a brilliant idea  something new to try upon…Chef Vikas Khanna rocked the whole meet… Indiblogger meet meet was a huge success…While leaving Home there was a smile in every Bloggers face…Though this meet was for few time…But it seems as if ”

“I lived my whole life in those few  moments…”

One thing is I always believe in is “If you have a Strong desire in your heart to achieve something No one can stop you from It”

And I am a “Blogger by heart and a thinker by mind…”

I hope this journey never ends and Yet again a train will lead to my Dream Journey…

I thank the Indiblogger team for arranging such a beautiful meet as well as Chef Vikas Khanna….Waiting for next Indiblogger meet

#Quakerbowl #QuakerOats

                       ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar
                   (Dil se Indian..Dil se Blogger)



“Wake up Sid” a beautifully scripted movie..The article “New girl in the city from the movie Wake Up Sid”–Aisha Banerjee is worth reading…Though we are not new to the city but still we relate to the article and movie..because we relate to Mumbai..We develop a sense of belongingness when we say “Mumbai”….Everyone have their own unique story in this city..Wake Up Sid a movie with a natural story..A story of a matured and ambitious girl who fall in love with a boy who was immatured there wasn’t any ambition in his life until this girl came in his life…He realised he didn’t have any ambition but he had a hobby..which he can develop and it was “Photography” People don’t choose photography as a career option but this movie throws light on this field..Someone said to me “I want to be a professional photographer but due to some reasons i can’t”I just replied”Everyone didn’t did Everything professionally but still they are the best” I don’t know why but somewhere at a point I relate to this movie the simplicity of the movie keeps me attached with it. A story of two different individuals with different thoughts and how destiny brought them together in this journey of life is beautifully shown in the movie…”OUR JOURNEY IS DECIDED BY OUR DESTINY WE JUST HAVE TO TRAVEL” It’s a perfect combination of ambition,dreams,love,friendship, emotions,enjoyment…It’s one of the movies which has a unique natural flow in it.A sweet and natural love story with a beautiful message to be
“Self-Independent”.”EVERY MOVIE HAS A UNIQUE MESSAGE IN IT” It’s just that we fail to see it..Here I leave you”ll with this heart touching song from Wake Up Sid…

Orey manva tu to bavra hai…
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai…
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai baavre…
Kyu dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte…
Jo barse sapne boond boond…
Nainon ko moond moond…
Kaise mai chaloon dekhna Sabhi…
Anjaane raastein…
Gunja sa hai koi Ik Tara Ik Tara….
Gunja sa hai koi Ik Tara…
Dheeme bol koi Ik Tara Ik Tara…
Dheeme bol koi Ik Tara Ik Tara…!!!

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar
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