Past Diaries Future ahead (Part \/)

Aarohi’s (POV)

Future is in front of me and  past is past what I think..Life has given me the bitter experiences and that’s how I learnt to live my life..I have grown in to a strong person and completely fearless..My destiny is in my favour but still I can’t depend on it. I don’t Miss you mom I rememeber you always in each and everthing I do..My every work begins with your remembrance amd ends with your thought..I know you are blessing me and I”ll make you proud one day..I remember each and everything said by you..Mom you dreamt me of becoming something else and I might become something else..I wanted to say few things but I was Waiting for u to get better but unfortunately U left me..Yes mom u left me all alone and I was speechless..Days were longer and Nights were sleepless..You alwyays cared for my behaviour of not expressing but don’t worry i have learnt to live my life..There is hardly anyone and anything whom I fear..
“The Only Thing I fear is to loose My near ones”
I don’t know my future but Currently I am happy…

Last part of Past Diary Future Ahead

“Past is just a diary But future is your complete Novel”

“I have written my diary So now I want to write My Novel”

                           ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar