Today First day of My Internship..A day well spent..Good Colleagues in fact Very Good. I don’t know how but where ever I go I find Good people around..But the problem is with me I stayed Quiet as Usual..It takes time for me to adjust to New Surroundings…They try to speak and I speak To the point..Never Mind I”ll try to Improve..That was about my Internship..

One more Incidence Which happened today..                                                                    I was returning to home my work was over it was around 9.00 pm..A man came and Said My Son is Hungry Please buy a Balloon..I don’t know how and why but I bought it..He gave me the balloon..I said “Let it be You keep”but he insisted..I said “Where will I keep it But??Than he replied give it to Some Kid..I said ok and I went thinking I”ll give it to a kid in my Building..I carried it all the way throughout my Journey to Dadar in My Hand..And was thinking about the Kid to whom i will give the balloon..But just a Five minutes away from My Building A kid at roadside Looked to the Balloon I gave it to him and went ahead..When I went home a Kid was waiting For me as soon as I entered he caughthold for a while I thought I could have given it to him But he was as it is Happy…

This is what happens When a Person says Kid I can’t stop myself..In fact no one Could stop themself…

“If a little price Brings happiness to few facts than Y not and when they are Kids Of course we should”

I am not praising myself and have no intentions to promote this post..Itz just I want to save it permanently somewhere.  

Enjoy the Journey by helping others the way You can

Travelling in the same Way itz Boring..So this was “A Different Journey

A Journey to…………………………………………..