New Girl in the City 2

Somewhere I was so busy calling myself a dietician that i forgot I am a writer”

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

New girl in the city..When I thought of writing this article again the only thought came in my mind was it might not be like the 1st one but still it should be one of my best article..New girl in the city from a different perspective.I know I am writing after a long time but don’t forget ” You can never take out the writing skills out of a writer .A writer is a writer forever”

Here we go with this article and again I’ll say the author is not Aisha Banerjee it’s “Ayesha Ghadigaonkar”

New girl in the city is like a dream article for me. My stories , My life , My emotions all are summed up in this article.I never thought of being a writer but today I am one.I never thought of being a dietician but today I am one..I have born and brought up in Mumbai. Mumbai this city is of “Dreamers” And my story is all about dreams.

My story starts with a dream to be a writer. A novelist. I have seen this dream when I was in college and slowly this dream turned out to be my passion.But since I just graduated as a dietician I took a job opportunity. As soon as I started job I rarely had time to write. And so it used to hurt me a lot. There were times when I used to cry in trains when I had no time to write but as soon as the destination used to come I used to get down wipe my tears and get back to my job as dietician. But later I again took to writing and I was happy. But somewhere being a dietician I forgot I was a writer too…But still I kept on writing as and when I got time.But that’s not what my dream was. Today my dream of becoming a Novelist is still a “DREAM”coz I became a New girl in the city by living a new dream.I took dietetics as a career but I didn’t realize when I actually started loving it.Today I love my job and my role as a dietician. And then started my new dream of becoming a established dietician and well known Nutrition Blogger .I very well know I might not be that good dietician. But still I won’t take a step back from hardwork.And yes now I became a new girl in the city by living my new dream of “Think Nutritionally” it’s a step of me enhancing as a dietician. With time my priorities and dreams changed.

“Life doesn’t works as per our plans Life has it own plans”

You never know when ur life will take a turn and you will live a new dream..Being a dreamer by nature I find the real joys in my small big dreams. And my New girl in the City is all about new dreams…

The moment I understood my new dream I thought of writing New Girl in the City 2 coz “You are a new girl in the city when u start living a new dream”

And as I say Just enjoy your dreams in a place where you would love to go with someone special who would love to accompany and support your dreams .Well I have no one. But I love my self .I am self obsessed and I am dating myself. I love this concept of new dreams where you dream to be self established woman. Love is a secondary thing for a self established woman. It’s Ok if I am not able to be a Novelist today may or may not be in future but I am happy with my new dream. And as long as you are happy with what you do nothing is wrong …

Dreams keep on changing it’s your choice which dream you should be fulfilling”

“Be a New girl in the city by living a new dream and I am sure you will love this City of dreams”

I guess I am done with my article New girl in the city.Let me know about your dreams in comment section..Hope you liked this article.

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

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Life..(A message) 

Every movie has a unique message in it is what I always say and yes I am right. Now what message do you think we get from film”Ishq Vishq Pyaar Vyaar”.Most of the people will say it’s just a romantic movie but there is a important message. Recently I faced a situation in which I wanted a particular thing and I had almost achieved it. Say 90% but 10% was my destiny and it didn’t supported me..So it went away from me. Being sad,depressed I spent 2 days. But at 3rd day I remebered a dialogue Amrita Rao said in Ishq Vishq. “If your love wants to go away from you let it go.If it comes back than it’s yours”(Agar tumhara pyaar tumse door jaana chahe to use jaane do agar vo lautkar aye to voh tumhara hai) .  And I applied this in my situation an opportunity went away from me.. So I thought if this opportunity  went away from me let it go. If it comes back than it’s mine.. And I know it’s mine only. I believe in a thing called Law of Attraction.. When I truly desire something from my heart I have always got it. I was unaware of my this quality my boss made me aware of it.His experiences and his observations made him understand my this quality. 

So my conclusion is “If a opportunity goes away from you it was never yours let it go but if it comes back than it’s yours.

And I believe that opportunity will return with a speed more than it went away from me. I have always tried to understand  the hints of my destiny and yes I did. 

Inshaallah it has to return.I have complete faith in myself. And once it returns I will be writing a post again on it. 

Think in a different way is what I say. Not only movies gives u message even our day to day life gives us important messages. Some messages to cherish for long time.. 

             ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


The Mystery Of Little Finger…..

Jaane kab badle hathon ki rekhayein aj toh jee Lee Kal Kisne dekha Hai…

Little Finger also known as Mercury Finger.Can it store some secrets in it?Wondering why am I discussing about Little Finger?
In childhood when teacher used to say “You can count till 15 numbers in your hand” And I used to count again and again it used to be 16.No sooner I realised there is an Extra part in my little finger. Generally every finger is divided in to 3 parts but my little finger is divided in to 4 parts..I have always seen people having 4 parts on Middle finger and Thumb finger but would like to see a person who has 4 parts in Little finger.I do believe in Astrology..I won’t say I completely believe but I do believe.While reading I found that it might be a bad luck or it might be something exceptional or it’s related to communication skills but no enough evidencess were found.Even astrologers are not sure.Trying to find out people similar like me with a 4th part on little finger. IS anyone there?

I don’t know what it brings Good luck or a bad luck?Just Wish for the Good luck ofcourse
And the mystery Continues…

Whenever I am depressed I look at my hands.What’s written in this?What’s my destiny?But Than I think let’s live in the present and not in future.

Jaane kab badle hathon ki rekhayein.. Aj toh jee Lee, Kal Kisne dekha Hai…

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Random Thoughts

Just Wondering what if my mom would have seen writing me?Would she be happy?Or she would have called it a waste of time?Writing is still fine..But what about writing Love stories?She would have encouraged me? Or Scolded?

I try a lot to speak to her but photographs don’t respond.

But still what I would say is today I can write coz she gave birth to a writer, to a thinker.

Well I can’t answer this only She can!

One song from the movie “Ti sadhya Kay karte” which was probably used for a love story. But here I am dedicating it to my mom.

Kitida Navyane Tula athavave dolyatle Pani Navyane bahave


Everytime when I think of you in a new way Tears roll down my eyes in a new way…


                   From your loving daughter

                 ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Life may or may not find it’s way.It might get stuck.But there’s one thing in life which find it’s own way.That’s Love.. 

                   ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

This is story of one of my friends. Posting on her Birthday.A very Happy Birthday dear!

Today here I have edited a story of a girl who lost faith in Love and thought she will delete this word “Love” from her dictionary.But once a word is printed in a dictionary it cannot be deleted.In her dictionary the word “Love” came twice but both times the meaning were different.First time it was a bitter experience and second time it was loving experience.So here I take you to the journey of girl to whom Love Happen Twice. And this time it was true Wanna know how ?Keep reading

I had lost faith in Love coz of the Past experiences.Thereafter I decided this Love is just a waste of Time.And will never fall in Love again lekin “Zindagi hamare Hisabse toh Chalti nahi Use chalanevala koi aur hai hum to bas uske isharon pe chalte Hai. I don’t know what’s gonna happen further. But I was firm of my decis to not to fall in Love again.But then…

May month it was.My internship for my COP course was about to start.My cousins were planning for village outing and insisted me to come but I said No since my Internship was on the way.But luckily it got postponed and so I decided to surprise everyone by giving a surprise visit to village.I reached my village I came to know there’s a marriage in our neighbour’ home.I didn’t know them but my cousins knew them.We thought atleast we can enjoy the functions.In the Evening the functions for marriage started I was sitting at our Gallery at that time I saw a man “A Tall Dark and Handsome Man”but I ignored him.Next day it was “Haldi” function people started insisting me to draw a rangoli so I started drawing one and while I was doing so that person was continuously staring me throughout the function.In the Evening at DJ night as the sounds started I started dancing.Dance is my Love.I cannot control myself when Music starts.Everyone started dancing even he was dancing even while dancing he was continuously staring me.My anger was increasing due to his activities.Who the hell is he?How dare he stare me?Later I thought it’s Ok Tomorrow is marriage after marriage he will go.It’s just a matter of one day.Finally the day of marriage came and I didn’t saw him around.I was happy for that.So I started drawing rangoli but he suddenly arrived and started staring me.I was angry but I had to get ready and do some other work too and so I ignored him.The Marriage happened now it was time for the feast.Now in Villages we have to sit down in a row and the food was served.I sat with my cousins and he was sitting in our front row opposite to us.Again staring me.We were having our food slowly.Till than someone said”If you”ll are having food so slowly take the plate at home and eat”I stood up and everyone started laughing including him.But now I thought the Marriage is over.So No Problem.I returned back to Mumbai and one day I posted one post about my achievements on FB .One of my friend (Ayesha Ghadigaonkar) commented on the post.I opened Fb to check her comment but instead saw some friend request while I was scrolling I accepted one friend request accidentally without seeing who it was. Later I thought let it go.Than I got a comment on the post.New name it was.I checked the profile and Profile pic and was like Oh God I accepted his friend request.I replied thanku.He started commenting with smilies later I only said speak personally.Than we started speaking on messenger.I gave his Number coz I thought he is a Good Guy.Than we started meeting each other slowly after chatting for a month.It took us 6 months to understand each other completely. Initially when he used to stare me I hated him but when I met him I realised he is a nice guy, A gentlemen as I wanted.He liked me from before but when I told him about the struggles I faced he loved me.Loved me more.But he was taking some time for realtion coz he wasn’t ready.But Finally he proposed and I said Yes. And so I again started believing In love…This is not the End. This story will end with a Marriage.

So wasn’t it a beautiful story with a beautiful message “Love can happen Twice”

Wait who’s the hero here?As I always say Destiny what if Suhani might have not gone to village and stayed back and she might not have met him.What if she wouldn’t have checked the comments and accepted his request accidentally?There might not be any story than.But Love find it’s own way!

I am happy to be a part of this story…

Let me know ur reviews…

                  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Jab Zindagi Karvat Badalti Hai…         Naa Jane vo humse Kya chahti Hai…   Hum toh use apnana chahte Hai..           Lekin Vo humse muh fer leti Hai…

                        ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

“Kal Ho Naa Ho” a story which I started writing a year back and haven’t completed yet…Few people are waiting since a year to read the ending of this story.So here I go…
Karan’s (POV)

Waiting for her response I woke up early morning.And I first checked my Mobile.No response.She has not responded.I consoled myself by thinking She might not have seen it yet.No sooner I realised I was late.I quickly rushed in to the washroom and got ready for work.I took a Cab and was having a look out of the window.Glancing through the same place where we meet first Time.I wish she responds and I meet her back.Later I reached office..Got involved in my daily work.Looking at the clock continuously I wanted to go home..Whenever my mobile beeped I got Curious.But she wasn’t it.My work hours were over.I went Home.Got freshed and was about to sleep.My phone beeped she responded “Same place Same Time “I looked at the Clock and immediately rushed caught a cab and went to that place.I found her here and there and everywhere.She wasn’t there.I sat there looking at the waves throwing stones in water.While I was deep involved in past memories I felt a soft hand at my shoulder and so I looked back to see who it was?Unbelievable it was she. Yes she came.And I was so Happy..I hugged her..I cried and said Please don’t do this to me..”I Love You”Say something now I said but now she was quite..She started laughing weirdly Don’t know whether it was a laugh or a cry.

Aashna..Aashna Agarwal I had everything Every luxury in my Life.The thing I named and I had it.But than something happened which changed my Life…

With lots of question in my eyes I asked “Aashna say what happened?

She said “ I am living a Life beyond death”

With my eyes raised and ears wide.I was shocked to hear this.She continued

I  visited this place very often.One night while I was walking I got a call.I was speaking on the phone.And a Car tharshed me.I was taken to the hospital and was declared ……This place has certain dreams of Mine..My ambitions, My career.But everything ruined in a fraction of second “Vo Kehte haina Zindagi badalne k liye Ek pal hi kaafi hota Hai“Than one day I met You I realised you came here to suicide and I don’t want you to do it.I wanted to live but my life was snatched...”Life is a beautiful gift given by God and we should respect it”

And There is Life beyond death. I love this life too.I am a free bird here.I still write.The only thing is It’s not like before .Not everyone can see me.Not everyone can speak to me.

I cried like never before”For the first time I loved someone and it proves out to be this.Please say this all is a lie .You are Just Joking.    

“Live the life you dream,Dream the life you love”My life is finish but you have a long way to go.Take this (Something covered with a paper) and “I Love you too”.May be u might not see me after this Coz my work is done.I was still half alive coz my last wish my dream was incomplete.And Today I found someone and I have complete faith You will complete my dream.So I take a leave. Love you 

Always remember “Enjoy Every moment of Your Life”Kya Pata Kal Ho Naa Ho…

And with her soft hands she closed my eyes and kissed me on cheek.And when I opened my eyes she disappeared.I went home.Opened the thing she had given me It was a Diary, Her Diary, Her Story, Her Dream to be a writer and Note(The Story is incomplete.Can you complete it for me?)..From that day I got a reason to live.Never ever I have thought of Suiciding now..Everyday I complete her story by living my story.Even today I visit the place with a hope I could see her but she doesn’t comes.The Love of My Life taught me to Live…To Love 

I Love You Aashna. And with this sentence the story of the best selling Novel ended .Guess the author? No it’s not Karan…

It’s Aashna. Yes he wrote it on her behalf.

I guess you”ll will be wondering what’s the name of the book?If not start wondering..The cover page at the end..

So this was the Story “Kal Ho Naa Ho”.Till now even the secret was revealed why she said “Kal Ho Naa Ho”I don’t know how it is?Whether it’s good or not?.But it is what it is and at the end I will just  leave you”ll with this song.

“Harpal yaha Ji bhar Jiyo Jo Hai Sama Kal Ho Naa Ho”

Now I would answer the question i asked at the beginning..Is it a real or a fiction story?Anyone can say now it’s a fiction story..I have completely imagined it..But I have lived the character..

Secondly I know further I would be getting questions like Why such a ending?

1) I haven’t seen happy endings in my life.How can I write one? I believe And they lived happily ever after exists only in stories and not in real life..

2) I always felt the need to keep a ending impactful…

So what do you”ll learns

Dreams don’t die unless we do but there is a Life beyond death

Please Let me know your reviews

           ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Life my favourite word.I thought Life was about enjoying every moment we live..Smiling, Laughing, Dancing and also sadness. But sadly I realised this is not Life.
Recently I saw a talk by “Manisha Koirala”And I totally agree to what she said..“Life happens when we are Busy making other plans

Indeed I was making some plans regarding my career.Regarding some materialistic things and the real life happened to me..

Now my Life has brought me to a stage where I fear to smile, I can’t even cry, I fear of Happiness..I fear of Living..

I don’t smile like before coz I think If I smile My life will make 4 times..It’s better I stay Quiet.

Last year I left my studies though there were two reasons for that and I went up for a job thinking I”ll continue next year.And I was all set to continue with my studies this year.But my destiny played a game and I think this time also I won’t be able to continue..

Kis Mukaam par laa Diya Ae Zindagi ab hasne se pehle bhi das bar sochungi ki ek hasi ka hisaab kitne ansuon see Chukana padega..Usse accha hum Hase hi Na….!!!

                   ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


The Fault in my Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

After a long time I took to writing.No sooner did I realised I might have lost the sparkle.After sitting and thinking for 1 hour I wrote few things and I backspaced them.Realising this is not the way I write.I have lost my sparkle.My skills.My writing Skills.The most difficult phase of my life..Before this phase came there was a phase where I said “This is the most beautiful phase of my Life”And no sooner did the beautiful phase got converted in to the worst phase.The problem lies here whenever I feel I am happy something happens with takes the happiness away and again I am repeating “I FEAR OF HAPPINESS“I am at a phase where I actually think twice before being happy.Coz it has happened many a times..I smile but it’s just a face.I just wish this dark phase goes away early ..

Would just say one thing….

This time it’s Never ending fear…I hate to be happy.

The Fault in My Stars🌟

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Title Credit:- The Fault in My Stars. 

Only the Title is being related to John Green’s Book.

Stars a beautiful thing to Look on But what if there is a Fault in your stars?

Aarohi’s (POV)

Today I don’t know what to write.Just penning down my emotions.Life my favourite and yes I am a Lover of Life..I love to Live,love to eat, love to enjoy.My Life was Good.Though few ups and downs but it was Good.Happy I was..But always I believed rather I feared of one thing “Happiness I know happiness is not a thing to be feared of.Who fears of Happiness?But I do.Yes I fear of Happiness coz Whenever my Life had given me Happiness, whenever it seems perfect and I am just happy with everything something happens which leaves me stunned.

My Current phase of Life I defined as the best phase of Life.Everything was just perfect.I was doing well in my Job, no other probs.A stage of Life which everyone desires.Happiest stage.Little did I know I was forgetting If happiness is coming from all side.Something is wrong the next moment .And yes I was right it is wrong .    

At this stage Everything just changed with in a moment.I can see my dreams clearly dying,My Career Ending.Only one thing is running around my mind.Currently Dreams and Career are Secondary.Just left hopes for any dreams or career.Now I have to Struggle a Different Battle..And yes now I fear a lot.

The Fault In My Stars 🌟…….

Sitaron k age jahan aur bhi Zindagi Mai abhi imtihaan aur bhi Hai…

Its Nothing Just a Fault in My stars..

                    ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Crushes makes us alive..Here I go with my 3rd Story.

“Life had given me so many options to choose from.But I choose something Out of the syllabus”
                  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

Concept Credit- TV Serial Kuch Toh Log Kahenge.A remake of Pakistani TV serial “Dhoop Kinare“A Love story between 2 individual having Substantial age Gap. 
“Kuch Toh Log Kahenge”..One of my Favrt TV Serials.Firstly bcoz of the actress “Kritika Kamra”And secondly ofcourse bcoz of the concept.

The Concept which says “Two individuals having a substantial age Gap falling in love with each other”.Will the Society accept them?Forget about society will their parents say yes?Does Age Gap really matters ??

I liked this concept and so I was in search of a story and yes I found one..This story is written only from a single person’s point of View 

Have you ever had a crush on a person who is bigger than you?Yes this is what my new story all about. 

Before Beginning I would just say I leave it to my readers to decide whether this story is true or it’s fiction. 

But always remember “Fiction is someone’s exact life story”

Nidhi’s (POV)

A Simple Girl but at the same time a person who carry attitude.My heart never beated for someone.I was just not interested in anyone.Just Stone Hearted I might be.Few people tried hard to impress me but never were they successfull.And that’s how I Grown Up.But one day someone came in my Life.A Tall and Handsome person.It was never Crush at First Sight.

I still remember the first time when I met that person.A preety casual and formal meet it was.None of us had any impressions of that meet.Soon we started meeting very often of course due to professional reasons and it was always professional meets.But Slowly I don’t know I started Hating the Person.I hated him from the Bottom Core of my heart.I heard others saying all Not so good things about him and hated him more.I don’t even know the reason for this hatred.

I remember the day when I sat on his Bike “I wished the Journey never ends.Though we were silent throughout the Journey.I didn’t know what to say?He asked few questions about my family and that’s it.But the Silence was awesome.

I remember the day when he appreciated me.It was overwhelming.The day when he said “You look beautiful” I Stared myself more than before.

But Life has always played a Game with me the person or the thing which I hated the most no sooner I start loving them..

Was this possible?Will I ever like the person whom I hated sooo Veryyy much.Slowly days pass on I kept falling in troubles and he kept on solving my problems.Sometimes he stood behind me.Sometimes he stood ahead me.Most of the times he helped me without letting me know.I came to know that later.I was taken by his this Quality.Soon people started speaking some Good things about him “Saying he seems tough but he is soft”

This is how I describe him..

Arrogant, Rude, Mr.Attitude, Angry Young Man, Stone Hearted, Crazy.And a person who doesn’t know how to smile?

And Yes slowly I started Liking Him..May be a Crush or may be a attraction.

Life changed completely.He unkowingly gave me everything what I desired.Knows every part of my personality.But still there is a problem.

 Age..I never knew I will fall in for a person who is 9-10 yrs older than me.
And So I want this to remain a Crush.Only a CRush.Further story not yet destined.Lets see how my destiny responds.

Today he’s my Crush.Even I laugh at my destiny.

“Life had given me so many options to choose from.But I choose something Out of the syllabus”

But it was not intentional it just happened.

It’s like “Pyaar ki aahat bhi Hai aur hichkhichat bhi”

Please let me know your reviews “Does Age Gap matters?

A song dedicated from me to my Crush from TV serial “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge”

Pyaase Hai Naina,Tarse saare Raina..        Jinme Tu Hai rehta,Haal Kyu.                      Tu jaane Na, Saiyyan Pehchane Naa..        Hal Man ka Kyu tu jaane Na.                        Saiyyan Nainon ki bhasha samje Naa.

Kuch Toh Hai Zaroor Dil Mera Kitna Majboor….                                                           Jaanke bhi ty jaane Na..                                 Saiyyan Nainon ki bhasha samje Naa..💗

What do you”ll think? Is it a true story?Well I think it’s a true one.


  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar💗💗


Cruhses Makes Us Alive💗💗💗

“Na konala Khabar Naa konala Tras tya Duniyet fakt apan ani aapli feeling Dusra Koni nahi”That’s a Crush
                     ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar                                    

Here comes my 2nd story of “Crushes makes us alive” .Well again that’s not my story.A story where in you will be driven to a journey of  two different​ individuals..

A story of Myra and Ahil.Two diferrent individuals,different thoughts, different religions.The religions which never coincide.


A Simple girl.Family before dreams is her main motive in life..A typical maharshtrian girl.Avarager in studies.No dreams as such.No aims, No ambitions just living her routine life.Friendly to anyone and everyone.Just one thing she wishes to see her parents happy.


Aahil..As the name says he belongs to a Islamic origin. A cool, handsome good looking guy..Topper in academics. Sportsman.A Perfect boy, every girl wishes to have.                          

This story is shared from Myra’s point of view.

Here I go..

Myra’s (Point of View)

What is Crush?This feeling is so different and even this word is so different.During school time I didn’t even knew the meaning of Crush.One day one of my friend told me the meaning of “Crush” And I was like What Nonsense is this.I don’t believe in all this , I said.

She just said “There will come a day when you will not only feel but also believe in it”

I thought crush is liking someone, spending time with someone but destiny has planned something else for me.Something which I haven’t thought of happened and at that time I understood how much power the word “Crush” have.

The Story begins…

I was in 8 th Std when he came in to my life.It was not Crush at first sight.We started speaking everyday and slowing some feelings developed.The beautiful feeling when he was in front of me.I wanted him to speak and Me just listen..

“Hrudayat vaje something saare Jag Vate happening aste sada me ata dreaming”

Such a different I used to feel.My heart was celebrating some different Joy.I felt like a free bird.

One day he proposed me and that day was like “Puri Duniya mere Kadmon thi”.   I don’t know what to say I was quiet.Finally after a long pause I said,“Kaise hum ye keh de ki haa ji haa Qubool Hai”  

I was aware of the consequences and so I said “Let’s be Best Friends” and he readily agreed coz he didn’t wanted to lose me.

Today we are not together coz the same destiny which brought us close also made us split.After being together as a friend for almost 9 yrs had to bid a good bye.A heartbreaking feeling it is.When we have a crush, or when we love someone we never see a person’s look, religion, his status.But the Society does..

Well I think this is the end of this story..The person currently in another state.We both are good in our life.Trying to have another  crush which is next to impossible.

This is my first Crush story.I will always remember my first Crush.

For me Crush is like “Na konala Khabar Naa konala Tras tya Duniyet fakt apan ani aapli feeling Dusra Koni nahi”

A song dedicated to my Crush

Sun mere Humsafar Kya tujhe it si bhi Khabar…                                                             Ki Teri saasein chalti jidhar…                     Rahungi Bas Vahi umra bhar…  

At last now I say ”  Haa ji Haa Qubool Hai”.But now it’s of no use..

This is short and sweet story of my friend.The story was originally submitted in Marathi.I never knew this part of my friends life.A Heart melting story….

I haven’t added much things here the Simplicity of this story is it’s beauty.

Please let me know your reviews.

                      ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Story writing is  art not everyone can write it.

                       ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

So here I go with the first Story of Crushes Makes Us Alive
This story is a real story of my friend.Names of characters are being changed.

Imagination is my Talent.I can make people imagine which is not even real. Lets’s imagine You are travelling in a train and You have this Novel in Your hand“Crushes Makes Us Alive”.While reading this if you feel your heart was alive please comment.How and Why it was alive…

“This story will take You a Train where You can imagine anything even if doesn’t exist and there is no destination of this train just Enjoy the Journey of reading”

A Story Of Gunjan and Samrat

“Opposites attract they say”I never thought about that.I just thought it’s a phrase.But this story will make you”ll believe in this Phrase.


Gunjan a girl who believes in Simplicity and a average looking girl.Indian attires(Salwar Kameez) with a dupatta on her head which never got slipped from her head is what she usually used to wear..A typical Indian Girl from her attires as well as her heart.“Chasmis”is what they called her but her specks was the most elegant thing in her look.A bit shy and studious kind.She would behave like a dominating and bossy personality with her friends but for others she was introvert and Antisocial found mostly in corner of class.A straight forward girl who doesn’t care about what others think.Her words are like “Green Chilli“you might get hurt sometimes.

“A stone From outside but soft-hearted actually”

I hope I made justice to your Introduction my dear friend.

Now it’s time to describe the Guy.I haven’t seen him but still I”ll try to describe him.


A Cool Dude,A normal looking Guy as fair as Harry Potter,his black curly hair which were always messed added a charm to his fair look.South African T-shirts A Fun loving guy exact opposite to what my friend was.He used to tease everyone,make weird faces.The most beautiful part of his personality was his smile.His smile made my friends heart skipped a beat..His walk was weird infact he himself was a weirdo..

What do You”ll think?Will these North and South directions meet and probably how would they meet?

Gunjan’s (POV)

I never believed in love at first sight, but when I saw him for the first time, I started believing in crush at first sight.    And my heart started singing the song..

 Woh Pehli baar Jab Hum Mile….
 Ho gaye shuru ye Silsile….
Ho gaya ye Dil deewana….
Hota hai pyaar Kya isne jaana..    

He was my lab partner and in my view he was the most handsome guy in our entire class. He just came to me and asked “what are we supposed to do?” and I just replied “practical I guess”, he gave me a weird look, mentally I slapped myself for behaving like a dumb and losing the first opportunity to interact with him. My feelings for him was getting strong after each passing day. I used to look for him wherever I go, just to get a glimpse of him. It was completely unusual that I was going crazy for someone who dont even know my name. Then he actually started to understand my signals I guess, because whenever I used to look at him, he was always staring at me. He always tries to stand beside me in other practical classes. We used to travel in same bus so whenever I crossed his bus stop I would desperately search for him to see whether he catches the same bus or not. After seeing him in my bus I usually get nervous and happy at the same time. I always used to act weird around him but I was happy because he was as weird as me. When I used to do practical I made sure to look at him from the corner of my eyes and he was usually looking at me, which made my heart beat faster. He was the most decent guy I had ever met, though I was his partner and he knew somewhere that I like him he never even touched my hand by mistake. And it increased respect for him in my heart. Even after all these things we talk about necessary things only. After two years we took admission in different colleges. We still follow each other on instagram but till today I dont even have courage to message him a simple “hello” because I m afraid what if he never replies or what if he dont like me anymore? I still wonder sometime he ever liked me? or it was just my illusion?

Whatever it was but Vo pal meri Zindagi K Sabse Haseen Pal the.I didn’t needed any reason to smile.I smiled without any reason.The World suddenly started appearing beautiful.

Kuch Toh hua Hai,Kuch ho gaya Hai…
Do chaar din se lagta hai jaise…         

Sab kuch alag hai Sab kuch Naya hai…
Kuch Toh hua Hai,Kuch ho gaya hai…
Ab akele Mai Muskurati hu…
Badli hui si meri ada hai…
Kuch Toh hua Hai, Kuch ho gaya Hai…

These crushes and feelings are confusing but still it makes us feel alive because there is no commitment, no restrictions, no regret, no hurt and no heart break.
Yes that’s what I wanna say..

“If Love is Dairy Milk than Crushes are Eclairs”

And Yes” Crushes Makes Us Alive”

There is No end to a story with CRUSH.You can have a lifetime Crush on someone and still stay happy coz as said“there is no restriction,no commitment, no heartbreak, no hurt, no regret.Coz as the word says “It’s a CRUSH.

Why Do they Call it Crush?Bcoz that’s how you feel when they don’t feel the same way in return.

Miley Jab Hum Tum Song Dedicated to my friend and actually a very special friend.

Hulchul ho Dil mai, Miley Jab Hum Tum                        
Suhane Weather Mai Miley Jab Hum  Tum❤‍
Koi Khiladi hai yaha,O jaane Jana…
Koi Khiladi pe fida, O jaane Jana…
Dono akele Miley Jab Hum Tum…
Najron se khele Miley Jab Hum Tum…

I hope my friends like the editing I have done and I hope it makes your Day.You are a very special friend of mine.

Love you loads❤‍

So Guys Does Crushes Makes You alive?Do you”ll like this story?This story might remind you about your crushes and if it does than I am successful in what I have written.Can share your Crush stories.

I just wanna ask Can I be a Fiction Writer?

And Would you again like to travel through this train?

                ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar❤‍



Crushes Make Us alive😍😍..

Life is very small, experience every feeling I say..

                       ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

I have grown as a writer over these years.I have touched almost all aspects of writing.But still there was a boundary to what I wrote,I had set certain limitations to write.But now I feel I should come out of this Boundaries to explore the world of Writing.Writers express what they have seen,what they feel and which is nowhere wrong.Every single person has feelings.Few express few don’t so that doesn’t mean those who express are the only ones Who have feelings.Feelings are Feelings and we should learn the art of expressing it out.That’s what I want to do.
Crushes Make Us Alive

“Saamne Yeh Kaun aya,Dil Mai Hui Hulchul Dekhke Bas Ek Hi Jhalak ho gaye Hum Paagal”.                                                                                                                                                         

I just wrote the Lyrics You”ll already started Singing.We have discussed about Passion, Life, Dream, Ambition, Success just thought this time let’s discuss something Different.

What Do You think when You Imagine the word Crushes.Wait a Second I know”😍💗😍”.This emotion we use right?Now people would be staright away lying if they say I don’t have a Crushe.It’s a very natural thing.These days people have end Number Of Crushes.It can be a friend,a celebrity,a unknown person or any one.It’s a immediate feeling we get after seeing that person.As if a electric current is passing throughout,Heart starts beating Faster and we dream with open Eyes..Have You”ll ever Felt that?But it’s a Short term feeling might be.It’s not “Love“..There is a huge difference between Love and Crush.After speaking about Crushes now people here would be expecting to share a story.Of course I have Stories But not so early will I share them and Believe me they are amazing stories.

Stay Tuned with my Blog Posts..

Happy Blogging:-)

                 ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar❤❤❤



Life is all about changes and if you are still the same person than you have not lived the true journey of life..

                  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

​Year 2013

My Journey began as a Nutrition Student.Initially I was not able to understand what is happening?Confusion all around.To Study Nutrition We had to go through Homesicence First.And the Subjects“Design and Aesthetics” and “Textile Science”were like a living hell for me.I didn’t knew how to hold a needle forget about stitching and So I started hating the course.I was planning to prepare for NEET for next year and again opt for BDS.Even though I didn’t like these subjects still I managed to submit everything on Time.I had no goals I just wanted to Clear the Subjects.Later Came the Exams and now it was time to study.Study leaves were given to study.Initially I thought I”ll go in College and do Group studies inspite of knowing it that Group Studies had never worked for me.And I saw few of my classmates studying seriously. While I had food,I listened to music,I had a nap and than went home and still tired.6 days for the Exam left.So I thought to Study at home.And I actually Studied.Not with Perfection I would say like I studied in my 10th Std.But It was a quite normal study for me.Than Exams came, Papers were Good I said to my friends.I had no worries about the exams Coz either I wanted to pass or have average marks.Coz my 12th Std results has lowered my expectations.With the way I wrote my papers Passing or getting average marks was not at all a difficult task for me.And so I was relaxed in my Vacations.

After Vacations

First day of College

As usual I was talking to my friend during the lectures.So one of my teacher said” Roll no 7 You have scored good marks that doesn’t mean you can talk”Everyone started teasing me “You know that you are passed in that paper”Happy I was..Further Results were displayed I saw my Percentage which was “74%” not bad I said and saw my other friends percentage and than we left.Later there was a Chaos “Who came 1st? I was like whoever it is Lucky person.Later again I went out.My Cousin sister said your results are out “Yes I said” there it is displayed.She had a look at all my marks and she found I had topped almost in every subject than we had a look together.Yes she was right.I was the person who stood “1st” I never thought that after the worst experience of My 12th.I was never Competitive and till date I am not at all Competitive I was always interested in how much I scored?Than Knowing how much others scored?I always try to develop myself rather than wasting time in Knowing what others are doing.Later I studied well and again Topped for the whole 1st year..I gained all my Lost Confidence.

“A Journey from a Averager To Topper

Sometimes your life gives you a second chance to prove yourself if you prove it than you are the owner of your destiny.”

       Further Story to be Continued.Stay Tuned..

                             ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



I don’t make Stories I write Stories.
                      ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

Change is Beautiful is a Journey of My life.The Changes which came in me over this years.How my Life transformed and Few secrets to be reaveled.

Changes Come to everyone sometimes they are good sometimes they are not so good but for me Change is Beautiful”

Five Year Back 2012

Ayesha Ghadigaonkar The same name But a Different person I was.Due to some reason this year was a serious traumatic year for me.And It took a lot of time for me recover from it.I lost myself,I lost my Charm…I used to smile but somewhere I knew it wasn’t my Smile.I was a Hard-working Student but this year Changed me in to a Careless,Aimless Student.I just walked in the College anytime I wish.Sometimes I went for the lectures,Sometimes I don’t.And Studies and me were like “I”ll do that later Have ample amount Of Time”I didn’t had any further ambitions.Just settled there.This is not it If I reveal the marks which I scored in my 12th preliums No one will believe me.I still remember I failed in Physics,Chemistry,Biology and that too very badly.My Physics marks(4/70).I just  managed to pass in Maths Coz my Sir being an Engineer made me practiced it day night.So even If didn’t study I could solve it.Languages(English and Marathi).I didn’t even read anything and turned to be a topper for Languages.Still instead of worrying or Crying I was asking my Frnds where to Hide these papers?They said “Throw it”Why  You wanna keep them? I want to keep them as a Memory I said.Someday I”ll look back and either smile Or Cry.Even after such a Attitude.I finally scored Average grades in 12th.But my Dad was not Happie..But I knew the scores are right coz I haven’t studied that much.Now it was the time to choose a Career.I was like I”ll go For BDS or BSc IT than someone Suggested a option of Nutrition.My first priority was BDS(Dental) but when it came to fill the final form I took a reverse turn.My Dad wanted me to do a General BSc and Study for UPSC.I thought Ok I”ll do so but Not with plane BSC.I”ll choose Nutrition and Study UPSC.That’s how I landed in Nutrition…          

Please Comment Your Views on this Journey..

“A journey from a Bright Student to a Averager”
Further Story To be Continued….

                  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Zindagi Ek Jigsaw Puzzle ki tarah hai I can help you find the pieces But You Have To Complete the Game.#DearZindagi(~ Dr.Jug)

But what I want is atleast help me Find the pieces .Where are You Dr Jug?                                                      ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar                 

Today I took one step towards enhancing my Professional Life.It’s something which I always wanted To Do.I don’t know How far this step will take me But I thinkEvery Step takes You at the Next Step and than Someday You will reach the last Step” My Professional Career “Nutrition and Dietetics”As I always say I never thought I would be a Dietician One day But Now I am a “Dietician” and No one can Deny that Not Even me.I was never serious about my Profession it was like Something I have to Choose than Why not this?Slowly a change came in me or may be a transformation I started Liking Nutrition.Nutrition is Something Different.The World is Going gaga over Nutrition and Dieticians are In Demand. Now it seems as I like Nutrition so I would progress in the field.But Don’t Forget I am a Story Writer Too..I write Stories with Twist and Turns.Than How Could my Own Story not have a Twist and a Turn.Turning Point of My Life came when I was Somewhere around at the End Of First year.I started Loving Writing.Initially it was like I used to write and I was Satisfied.But Slowly it became My Passion.And just as Joke I used to say”I will be a Novelist One Day” But Now I am Serious.I want to be a Novelist.At this stage My Life revolves around 2 things:- Writing and Nutrition.Both have their own places in My Heart.I can’t leave without any one of them.But it’s also true that I am also Unable to manage Both Of Them.It happens When I start thinking “Ok Now I”ll keep Nutrition aside for a while and Start Writing” but something happens which actually brings me Close to Nutrition.And When I think “Ok Now I”ll keep my Writing aside and Focus On Nutrition”I met people who say “Never leave Writing you are wonderful in it”It’s a Dilemma.I don’t know How Do I sort Out this Dilemma?Coz at the end Wtever I choose I don’t wanna regret my Decision.I want to be proud of my decision.

Somewhere I am trying to settle down in Nutrition and Writing but than My Heart as well as My Brain very well Knows there is a Third thing which I might Do.which even I have never thought of.Coz my Destiny takes me To Destinations.I just Blindly Travel.

Currently My Life is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle.I know I have To Complete this game on my Own But I Need Dr.Jug who can help me find pieces.

Can anyone solve this Jigsaw puzzle of my life?

I Love My Life It’s Just am always Confused.Love U Zindagi        

Please Express Your Views It Might Help me. Can also comment any Jigsaw puzzle of Your Life.May be I can help you. Coz I am a Good Counsellor but only for others.

                         ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Kisiko kuch Dikhana nahi mujhe Bas acchi kahaniyan Likhni hai Story mai Hero ho yaa Naa Ho Story Hero Honi Chahiye..
~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

Love is not the heart it’s just a part of Life is what we have heard right.But..

1yr Later.. Karan’s (POV) New beginning,New Journey I started living my Life again Little Did I Know Destiny has already planned a Destination for me.I always thought when will I meet Aashna But itz 1 yr now.I thought Our Story was Over.I always visited the Place where we met For the First and Last Time.But Still I couldn’t find her.Every attempt failed and finally I Lost Hope.But

” You know there’s a story after every story and there’s a story before every story”and I do have a After story

Life it turns Upside down.Zindagi ka Koi Bharosa nahi aj aaapke haq mai to Kal aapke Khilaf.And yes A miracle happened.My Friend Gave me a Website to read saying Develop the habit of reading You will forget your sorrows.I started Viewing the website I Loved all the posts Coz Emotions were Expressed than Words.Than I came across a Post
Today I was depressed and I also Know why.To overcome it as usual I went to my Favourite place.And I saw someone a Boy..A simple person.When I saw him I felt he has the worst fashion sense.After evaluating Him on his fashion my eyes glanced at his Eyes they were Watery.He tried to speak to me Initially I neglected but later I started expressing.He thought I was Happy and I thought He Was Happy but no one of us were happy.I knew he had Suicide plans in his mind and So I distracted him.I don’t know why I cared for a Unknown person so much But I do Cared.Later he asked about my Life and while Speaking to Him I broke out and Said I want to live every moment of my Life Kya Pata “Kal Ho Naa Ho”.I knew he was worried and Confused But I had a reason to say this and with My tears I left that Place.Today I don’t know whether he remembers me or Not.Or He is Busy With his Routine Life But I will always remember Him”

Not even a Second I took to realise it was Our Story.Hastily I went at the End and Had a Look at Author’s Name it was Aashna.Yes she was it.My eyes sparkled like anything.I commented Even I had always remembered You and also will always remember you.Waiting for Her reply I went to Sleep while listening to Song “Kal Ho Naa Ho”

Ab Duriyaan Itni Hai Jo Milna Yaha Kal Ho Naa Ho”

Few people are Mysterious and while solving this mystery we fall in Love with them..

This is what exactly happening with Aashna and Karan.Aashna a mysterious Girl and Karan trying to Solve her mystery is falling in Love with her.

So Guys still this is Not the End.Still they Haven’t met.Interested to Know How they will meet than Stay Tuned with this Story.Let me Know your views. Suggestion are always Welcomed.

I wanna be a writer and Yes For the first time I’m Commiting it now.This story is the beginning .I want people to Say “She has some magic in her writing”I want my articles to touch their Soul and I want them to fall in love with the stories.

Did this article touched your Soul?

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

http://wp.me/p6ihNf-2J-The Link of Part 1 of the Story..


SMILE- A Face..

Smile a face to be Shown But Tears a Face to be Hidden that’s what SMILE- A Face all about.                        
                       ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar                                                                                            Smile..Now I don’t need to tell the meaning of this word..We all know it..But Will anyone believe me When I would say It’s Just a Face..A  person who don’t smile Is often Considered as “Stone Hearted” “Khadoos” is what we call them and what about the person who always smiles and most of the times without any reason..Researches had already proved that a Person who smiles without any reason is not mad But has the deepest secrets in his heart, Some tears to be hidden in Eyes and a Sadness behind that Smile..Now What do You”ll think even after being Sad How Could they pretend to be Happy..How Could they Smile Everytime..There are many reasons..One reason may be they are tired of Crying so they just smile..Second reason they might believe that there’s no use of Crying..Third reason they don’t want to share their problems with any one so to hide it they wear this Face-A Smile..

Believe me You just Can’t make out from the face or smile of a Person Whether he his happy or sad??Few people will never ever show it on their face.                              They Smile in Front Of others and spread happiness all around.But at the end of day only their pillows Know the amount of tears is double the amount of their smile..They Smile Publicly But they Cry Silently..They share Good things all around but when it Comes to sharing their Problems it remains to them..It’s not that there are no people around to listen to their problems..In fact people keep on asking But “No problem” I am fine is what they answer..How long could a person wear a face???After all that hurts a lot..Someday it has to be removed..But they can’t Coz Breaking down in front of others is not their Choice..And people Just look at their Smile and appreciate”You have a Beautiful Smile” or Taunt sometimes Why are You Smiling?Well there’s no reason to wear this face..If you are happy of course you will Smile and If you are sad still Smile..

“Hothon Ki Hasi dekhne Se pehle ek baar ankhon mai Jhak k dekho”

Somewhere between Smiling Without happiness and Crying without reason we all grew up..

                               ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar 




I think I have finally chosen what I should do? All this while I was asking you.. But how could I forget You had a Single dream for me and I have end number of dreams.. After I lost you and after my 12th I began the journey of fulfilling your dreams but I was  guided  wrong someone told me if you choose this course you will have ample amount of time to study to fulfill your mom’s dream and that’s how I landed there and that was the only reason I joined it.. But I didn’t found time to study.. Ok I said I’ll study for the course which I had chosen now.. I studied a Bit very casually just expected a first class But I was amazed to see the results I got above 70% and stood first in the class…Than I started studying seriously to maintain the record and I started involving myself.. Within this period many other dream developed.. Few are small and few are Big but they are too many.. I developed interest in writing.. And somewhere between fulfilling so many dreams I forgot Your Only single dream.. That’s a quite Big one mom.. Currently I am not capable of it but I will give a try wholeheartedly but I can’t assure you.. I was unable to do it within these 3 years coz I didn’t had time but Now I can manage and….

“No Doubt my destiny has brought me to the same place from where it began”

“3 saal pehle jaha se shuru kiya tha aj fir taqdir ne vaha laake khada kar diya”

I have many friends to share things but I prefer not to express my weakness or problems to anyone.. I feel it better to write it out here Neither I know anyone nor do people know me and the ones who know me they will read it only when I send them a link and which I will never send.. Well I will stop writing these articles coz I catch Cold easily.. Anyway that’s it for today..  I would like to dedicate a line for you  from a  Song  from our favorite serial and
of course the one which you watched and dreamed…

“Tumne jo dekhe sapne suhane un sapnon ko apna banane”

I will try to reach somewhere nearby at least…

Your’ s Loving Daughter,

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




Arohi’s (POV)

Lost in to this Journey of life..                        I look up for you.                                              Though I didn’t find You But I still hope  to See you again..

3 years Back I Lost You..Lost You Forever..(2012) the worst year of my life..The Day you left me My Life transformed Completely..I lost myself..I became different..Returning to Home used to Kill me..So I preferred to stay out..From a Bright student I turned in to an averager..It was the time when I was in my teenage years and I needed someone to speak..I wanted to speak a lot but I waited and now itz a Lifelong wait..The Day you left me..My friends said “Don’t worry about studies you missed we are there” I said for whom should I study Now..I lost my Interest in Studies and Yes I got the results of it My Class 12th result went down..Dad was disappointed..Now there was a time to choose a Career..I couldn’t make decisions in My life..That was very difficult..So I asked U “What Should I choose? You didn’t responded..I completemy Lost faith in God “I prayed,prayed and prayed everywhere and anywhere but he didn’t listen” But later somehow I again started believing in God..Coz He is there but somewhere still even If I pray I don’t ask For anything…                

 The Day when I lost you Last words which I heard at 5.30 pm” I am fine not feeling well will speak later” and that later has not came yet..”Everyone said You called me You wanted to speak to me something “Till the time we could meet You left us..I still regret For not being there with You at Your last moments..      Few months Back I was at that Place where I saw You For the last time..It was so difficult to be there..I usually get Dreams Of You trying to speak something to me But You leave Before You speak.Those 3 years have been Difficult without  You..Now I am happy with whatever I do..But still Confused..I could make out What you wished to say was might be regarding What’s your wish to see me??

“I am asking You since 3 years You didn’t responded so I left it on my destiny and Now again the same time and I wish You to respond. Might be You try to respond But either I wake Up or You Leave..Whatever you say I will leave aside everything and Do It”

When You was there I was just the Opposite for You..But I don’t know how and when I grown up to be like You.           People say You Look like Your Mom and You speak like her too..During this year Diwali One of our Neighbour said “You exactly Fill Colours in Rangolis like Your Mom used to Fill it..Sometimes I Cook Like You..And of course My never ending Anger and The Stubborn behaviour..

“I blindly trust my Destiny and just Close my eyes and Walk..And Itz again time to Trust my Destiny and God..”

I know I am aggressive ..I take decisions mere out of anger..But still they proved to be Good..

“Have faith in Your Destiny and Your Destiny will design the Best Possible Journey for You”-ayesha Ghadigaonkar

I still believe  in this quote…

Your’s Lovingly Girl,

                  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



“I want to earn but then I also  want to learn”
~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Learn new and different things everyday.. I don’t want to live a life which says College at the age of 18 yrs.. Job at the age of 21 yrs.. Marriage at the age of 24 yrs and so on…
I want to live my Life on my terms.. Our Society has created a Monotonous pattern..
First SSC, than HSC than a Degree and than Masters…Now I am Final year BSc Student.. After BSc What? is the question often people ask me as well as I ask myself.. But the Society wants you to follow this monotonous pattern.. After BSc an MSc.. What if we don’t pursue an MSc? Will we be successful ? Well that’s not a question our society has already given the answers ”BSc has no value” ..From my childhood days I had the urge to choose something different.. I never wanted to do the things which everyone does.. I just don’t want to collect degrees.. I  want to be satisfied with whatever I do.. Sometimes people call me Crazy just because I don’t live the way they live…

Sometimes I want to WRITE
  Sometimes I want to BLOG
  Sometimes I want to DREAM
Sometimes I want to READ
  Sometimes I want to DRAW
  Sometimes I want to TRAVEL
  Sometimes I want to WORK
Sometimes I want to SING

  Sometimes I want to make a DOCUMENTARY
  Sometimes I want to make a SHORT FILM
  Sometimes I want to COOK
Sometimes I want to TREK TO THE HIGHEST PEAK

Sometimes I want to LISTEN TO MUSIC
  Sometimes I want to write LYRICS”

I don’t want to live a monotonous life …

No doubt I have few dreams in my mind but I don’t want to sacrifice the small joys of life for it”

It’s not that I  don’t want to earn.. I want to earn But I also want learn.. Learn new and different things everyday”

” I feel life is all about Learning and Exploring new things”

“And at the end of  life when we are on our  death bed..We will remember the moments which we had enjoyed not d syllabus…”

“So enjoy d life on ur own terms simultaneously do something worth which will convert ur dream into reality”

Till now I have lived my life on my terms… I did almost everything I wished.. But now I am not a teenager anymore. I have grown up…So what should I choose DREAM LIFE OR REALITY? and Will the Society accept ME? 

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar





I don’t speak so just thought let my Blog speak…

                   ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

“The Journey of a Blogger” What do You”ll think??How would this journey be??Well it’s very normal and simple .. Not the one like my stories with twist and Turns..A simple Story..A ordinary story after all everything can’t be extraordinary …But I am sure after reading this You”ll will be inspired to do the thing You”ll love..

In my story Destiny is the hero…
“Destiny created a Chain for my destination I just Catched each chain and at the end I reached the Second  last and that was Blogging..Still the last one is a Bit away..

Blogging…I have already spoken a lot
about Blogging..But still today I will speak again and Why should I not??After all My Blog Completed 1 year..Let’s Begin this Story From How I actually began to Blog..What made me taught of Blogging??
So, Here we Begin..
F.Y (Nutrition and Dietetics ) Student..A Student who hardly used to speak..Hardly used to participate..I admit I had attitude I always waited For opportunities to come to me and even now I wait..If someone asked me will you participate? than only I will participate otherwise I was least interested..Now the word Blog settled in my Mind From a Session organized by our College..Kajal Bhatia(The Food and Nutrition Blogger ) was the speaker..The session was really very impressive and Knowledgeable..At the end of Session when Kajal mam asked “How many of You”ll will open a Blog?? Majority in the Class raised their hands..I didn’t raised my Hand..I knew Few people have taught that it was my attitude But that wasn’t..The reason was  I won’t say I will Do it untill I am 100℅ sure about it and I wasn’t sure that time..Years passed and the Blogging memories faded..I don’t know how But I became an Daily Fb user and Started posting Daily..and people liked it..But the Turning Point was the Workshop which I attended at American Consulate”Empowering Youth as a Citizen Journalist” my teacher and the Vice Principal Of my College send the details to me..I hardly knew what it was about..I trusted her and attended it..There are Very few Incidences where I reach Before time..This was one of them..I reached early..I saw a Girl sitting there.I went and sat beside her.For a while I was struggling to speak ..What and How should I speak??Later I introduced myself..She also introduced her and said She is a Blogger..We started Speaking as if we were Friends for a Long time.The Workshop definately proved beneficial..At lunch few more Friends,even my Juniors in College Accompanied us..They Questioned us “How long are You”ll friends?? She said “We met today and Look we don’t even Know each other’s name yet and yet we were speaking the whole day..We introduced Ourself But Our Introduction didn’t had name..Later it was time to leave and we exchanged Numbers with a promise to Stay in Touch..Sometimes we speak like If we know the person for years and some times even if we know the person for years we aren’t comfortable to speak”Few days later we just had a Casual talk through messages..A group “Citizen Journalist “was created..After few days she asked me “Will you like to write articles for my Magazine???How Could I say No?? I said “Yes Of course”and than I wrote few articles..But She had To Continue Her MA and So She has taken a Space from all this..On 3 rd June 2015 I thought If I can write than Even I can Blog..I enquired How should I begin??She said “Download apps” and I didn’t remember Much things From the lecture But I remember”Wordpress” So I downloaded WordPress app…and my First post “I wish we Could edit our life just like we edit our pics” but there wasn’t any response..I got back to her and asked How should I promote it.She said promote it through a page..
Within 3 days on 7th June I launched my Page “Being Unique”I just gave a description in what it is about..The name was just given in a Hurry ..Coz I had to name it something..So I named it “Being Unique”..Actually my only intentions were just to share the Blog Link on page..But the Description of the page said a lot…Immediately I send Invitess to my Facebook friends..I wasn’t expecting much response bcoz I hadn’t posted there wasn’t any profile pic nor Cover photo..Just the name “Being Unique” and It’s description…But I was shocked to see the Response..As soon I invited My Frnds they liked the page immediately and a Comment from my teacher “Great idea would like to see your thought” that made me think ..How Could I only share the Blog link …If people expect than I should post something and Such was the Making Of ” BeinG Unique” ..

Let me thank a few more people…
Mala mam
Arushi Raj(The Girl whom I met at Workshop)

And last But not the least Let me thank Myself..Blogging is not easy..It requires patience.I usually do all my work at night.My mind works more beautiful in the presence Of Moonlight…

That’s all that was How I began Blogging and the Journey is still Continued and I hope it Continues Lifelong….Well this was just How I began my Blog??and What Incidences lead me to Blog??But the Journey,the actual struggle of Blogging is still yet to Come..

Are You”ll inspired By this post???

                 ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




“Life changes every moment You never  Know what Tomorrow has planned for you..So always Enjoi your present and Live every moment of your life Kyunki Kya Pata “KAL HO NAA HO”

                          ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

“KAL HO NAA HO” a movie, a song..But today I don’t want to discuss about this movie and Song..I want to write Something different and Believe me To write this Different thing I listened  this song almost more than 50 times and  I Cried It’s doubled..I think before You write anything it’s neccessary to feel the moment,to live the moment..I went through every Single lyric Of this song..
“KAL HO NAA HO” those 4 words carry a deep meaning Inside and I want to take You”ll through a Story to Understand these 4 words…

Whether this Story is real, partially real or Completely imaginary I leave it to my readers to decide it…
The names are Completely Fictional…

Karan’s (POV)
Lost in the Clouds of Sorrow I was Walking, Walking and Walking..I didn’t knew which Destination will it lead to..I was just walking along the path…Today I was declared Officially an Failure…I hate My life..Why me???I don’t succeed in anything that I do and Finally I decided to end My life..I went along a Sea Shore to end My life.. It was around 1 am and the roads were Silent..As soon as I reached Sea Shore …I saw a Girl.A beautiful Girl with a Beautiful smile..the Curve of her smile was even larger than my laughter…her Brown eyes to which No one could stop them self from staring at her and her Messy hair which she kept on settling everytime..Her Pyjama and Top absolutely went with her Looks and Her slippers added to the Casual attire…I don’t know what was she Up To ..She was Standing watching the Sky..Speaking with Moon, Glancing at the Stars..I went Closer and as soon as I heard her Voice..I felt as If an Electric Current passed through me…I have never heard such a Beautiful Voice..A totally soft-spoken Voice..I went more Closer and She Noticed me….”Oh Hello What?? What are You Looking??she questioned and with my teeth Trembling I answered “Nothing”..She left that place and went on Other Side..I was still Noticing her the Joy on her face…the sparkle in her eyes..I wondered about Her perfect Life?? For a while I postponed my Suicide plan and wanted to know about her happy life..How Could a person on earth be so Happy???…I decided to know the reason and I went to her…She gave me a Weird Look..
I said ” Hello I am Karan and You???
She didn’t responded..Still I tried So what are You doing here at Late night you seem very happy..She Neglected..I kept on Trying But she didn’t responded..Finally I was Tired and about to leave than a Voice came From behind ” Aashna..My name is Aashna” Ohh that’s a beautiful name I said.I made her Comfortable and when she thought she can speak to me I enquired
So Aashna If you don’t mind Can I ask You something?? “Go ahead’ she replied..
Your life must be Good..You look so happy..Can I know this reason behind Your Happiness???

She taught For a while…and Replied..
My Life is full Of Happiness…I have everything that I want..You name it and I have It…( I was Carefully listening to every word which she said)..My life is probably was like a Fairy tale…I Lived a Princess Life…But than You Know everything can’t be Perfect..“Jab sab kuch acha hota hai toh Kuch aisa hota hai Jo aapki Zindagi badal deta hai”
What Happened???Aashna say something and Tears rolled down her eyes..and with her Tearful Voice she said ” I want to live every moment of My life” Kya pata Kal Ho Naa Ho” and immediately she left with tears in her eyes.. ….I stood there watching her from behind..I wanted to meet her again and Hope destiny Favours me and So I postponed my Plan Of Suicide…Her words “KAL HO NAA HO”were running through my Mind..and my only wish was to meet her..Looking at the Sea Shore I spent the whole night Thinking…Thinking and Thinking and with the Thoughts Of Meeting Aashna I went Home..
“Ek lamhe mai ek najar aisa asar kar jaati hai Jo akhri saans jaane k baad bhi nahi jaata”

“Sometimes a particular moment leaves a deep impact on your soul which doesn’t leave you even after your death” ..Really that day left a Deep impact on me..

Will Karan ever meet Aashna???If yes than How and where would they meet??and why Did Aashna said that Sentence??.Many questions right But Answers are in Further story… So Guys read this story and let me know your view through Comments..Do You”ll want me To Continue with this Story?? Will Continue only after seeing the Response..

Tagline:- Live every moment You Love and Love Every moment you live…

                 ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


A Meaningful Gift…

Few people just come in Your life For a Purpose and once the purpose is done they leave..My life transformed from a Normal person to a person who likes to  write passionately..Wondering How’s that Possible?? It’s possible Coz few people enter your life to make You aware about Your Dreams though sometimes they do it Unknowingly But U get a Purpose to Live..a Dream to achieve and someone to accompany..
LIFE IS A JOURNEY WHICH TAKES YOU TO YOUR DESTINATION” Though I haven’t reach my Destination But my work is half done and thanks For accompanying..Now when people  transfer or shift itz a Tradition To Gift them Something and You”ll know my Brain works in a Hatke Style..So Even my Gifts are Hatke..
Has anyone ever gifted a Novel to a Complete I repeat a Complete Non reader?An absolutely hater of reading..I guess no Coz we usually Gift something which the person likes.But I will do it..No my intentions are Good..You won’t understand now why I want you to read Novels But the day You will Understand Probably You will start writing and that Too better than Me..A great time spent..I actually Started Loving My life and I actually Love myself and . …. … …Wish You Good luck and as I always say “Yeh Zindagi Bohot Lambi hai Kahi Naa Kahi Toh takraa hi Jayenge”

“You know every Fiction has a Bit reality behind it and

“It started with a Friend Request”(Sudeep Nagarkar)..Read this Even I want to read it..

                    ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar 


New Girl in the City…

I am not new to Mumbai Neither Mumbai is new to me But Still I became New Girl in this City When I started Living My Dream coz Mumbai Itself is a “Dream”

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


New Girl in the City…I know many other Bloggers have written a article on “New girl in the City” but every Blogger have their own way to write, to express and here’s my way…

“Wake Up Sid” released in 2009..I was in 9 th Std that time a School Girl.I never ever thought of Writing in my School days but When I watched this Movie I loved It …I could feel the Emotions in this movie..I could relate to Konakana Sen Sharma’s role But I was too small to Understand Why I liked this movie???But Now I have my answers…
“New Girl In The City”
Mumbai a City of Dreams “Sapnon ka Sheher”.. Thousands of people travel everyday with their dreams to this City But only a handful succeed..I live in Mumbai since my Birth and I love Mumbai..I am not new to Mumbai Neither Mumbai is new to me..But I became a New Girl in this City..Wondering How???Here’s my story and this time the author is not “Aisha Banerjee” itz “Ayesha Ghadigaonkar “
Here We began…

Living in Mumbai for 21 yrs. I know almost every place in Mumbai…But still something was Missing “Dreams” yes “Sapne“Mumbai ki baat Ho Aur Sapne naa aye aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta..I am a ambitious person though I didn’t knew my ambition..I called myself as Ambitious ..I was unaware about my Biggest strength and someone makes You aware of it.Though I used to write But there was someone behind it…I had a reason to write..I wanted to express my thoughts to someone..I started taking the Joy Of this City When I started Writing..I understood what Mumbai actually is..Mumbai Is a “Dream” itself ..I Loved the Scene From “Wake Up Sid”where Konkana Sen Sharma Sits near ” Worli Sea face” with her diary and Beautiful thoughts accompanied By Ranbeer Kappor..Itz a perfect Combination Of Dreams,Love and Nature..Once in my life I wish to sit near a seashore with my Thoughts a Diary and just want someone To Capture this Moment…That’s how I became “New Girl to this City” When I started Living My Dreams Coz if U r In Mumbai and You don’t have a dream …Sorry But U are not a “True Mumbaikar” .My Perception towards this City Changed after I knew what my Dream is?? I have fallen in love with this City…My Friends Often ask me Why You want to Visit Worli Sea face always???Here’s the answer Guys ….As I said in the Beginning I didn’t knew Why I liked “Wake Up Sid” in my School days though I didn’t used to write that time..But Now I know The Future was destined already and I believe”‘Dreams are already designed by our destiny we just need to understand them”Though we get Hints but Human nature we neglect it…One more thing Which I very often say “Dreaming alone is just a Beginning But Dreaming with someone is new beginning”… That’s How I became a “New Girl in the City…”
This is Mumbai
” Dreams till your Dream becomes true.
Love till Your Love reaches your
and Enjoy every moment till You live..”

So Visit any beautiful place in Mumbai with Your special ones and Of course Your Dreams and be New To this City…

New Girl in the City…

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




“I write from my heart and I want people to read from their heart”

Vacation Time..What people do??They roam, have Fun but as always I have to be different in whatever I do…I already had my share of Fun during the MiniVacations…Itz time for some work now and I want to utilize this vacation to the utmost…

“A writer never has a Vacation, for a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing” very rightly said By someone..

And I liked it I don’t like to rest and so I don’t need Vacations…Well coming to my Vacations..Definately I would write something  but let it big and more thoughtfull… Though I want Instant Success But I prefer a step by step process…

Stephen King says “If you want to be a writer…Do two things ” Read a lot and write a lot” Though I said that I don’t read much now because other authors ideas occupy my mind..But I have to but I will leave reading before I start to write…

So I just began with the reading phase…I am trying to analyse what others are writing and How they are writing??Don’t worry I”ll make sure I write Something Different…

Till now what I have found is all Love story authors have their own way to write..Some of them will make u laugh,some of them will make you Cry…I have experienced both these emotions while Reading…But what I think is “There must be a emotion which is Different from laughing,crying, smiling” Though I don’t know which one it is neither I knew it’s name..But I want to write something which will develop that unknown emotion in people which would be different from laughing, crying and smiling…

The another thing is usually readers read the novel But I want  Nonreaders to not only read But Feel happie to read it…

Bohot baatein kar li Maine ab kaam bhi karti hu…Itz time to actually pen down these thinkings on paper…
This Vacation is gonna be different I am not in a mood to Rome anywhere..I had enjoyed a lot…Let me enjoy in a Writer’s way…


What do You”ll think Am I on the Right track???

                  ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Gifting Words To a Gifted Personality….

Sometimes we meet someone and before we even know who they are we just get the hunch that in future this person would mean something Important very rightly said by Someone…

When I stepped in to BMN the first teacher I saw was You…I wondered Who are You? Why are people appreciating You so much? But now I know “ YOU ARE THE HEART OF BMN”
Today I can write, I can Blog, I can tweet itz all bcoz of You …

This article dedicated right from my Heart to a very Special teacher and a Very Special person of my life..
Dr. Mala Pandurang Mam (Heart of BMN)

When I thought of Writing about you believe me it took me days to think what should I write…

When I stepped in to BMN…
I was a normal student…
Confused lost in my own world…
But you found the Hidden talent in me…

I remember the day when you  told me to participate in an Essay writing Competition…
It was then I realised I can write…

I remember the day when you  told me to participate in a Story writing Competition on Dowry
It was then when I realised I can write…

I remember the day when You told me to attend a workshop “Empowering Youth as a Citizen Journalist”and that was the Best…It was like biggest turning point of my life…
It was then when I realised I can write…

Your lectures were my favourite and I listened to each and every word You said…I remember once You said ” Learn to say No without explaining Yourself”. .I am still trying to follow this though I haven’t succeeded yet…

I remember the lesson taught By You “Meeting Pool” and you said Life goes on But we should arrange a Meeting Pool…

I remember Your inspirational talks about Malala, Gandhiji..Your peaceful attitude itself shows that You are a Gandhian Follower…

I remember when you taught a lesson about “Abdul kalam” and you described one of his quote “Sometimes itz OK To Bunk a Class and Have Fun with friends”well I follow this one…

I always wanted to be like You…
You are a perfect role model to anyone..
Achieving heights of Success and still You are So Humble…..
You speak less but Itz Specific….
Your Knowledge…I always wondered how could a person have So much of General Knowledge??
I liked your attitude of Learning..
Though I am not that eager to learn from others…

My Friends always Ask me from where did you learnt this Quality of “Gratitude” and I just smiled but let me answer it today “I observed You had this Quality of Gratitude” and that’s where I learnt it from…Though sometimes I say Thnkuu without any reason

Walking in to the steps of  BMN…
I found a teacher…
My favourite teacher…
Who encouraged me to write…

Walking in to the steps of  BMN…
I found a teacher…
An encouraging teacher…
Who corrected me when I was wrong

Walking in to the steps of BMN.
I found a teacher…
An Humble teacher…
Who inspired me to be Humble..

Walking in to the Steps of BMN…
I found a teacher….
A Confident teacher…
Who taught me to be Confident…

Walking in to the steps of BMN…
I found a teacher…
A Succesful teacher…
Who inspires me to be Successful

Walking in to the steps of BMN…
I found a teacher…
A personality to be looked upon…
A personality to be Followed ….
and a Personality to be loved…

Walking in to steps of BMN…
I found a teacher…
“A woman who changed my Perception towards life…”

This is the reason Why BMNites  love you..

” In my Novel of Life I am lucky to have a Personality like You and I  will always treasure this Novel…”

The Journey is not yet ended itz yet to begin I assure you someday we”ll meet again in this life and You will see me as  a Complete Changed personality or you might see your mirror image..

I would like to admit one thing If I was Not In BMN and If you weren’t my teacher I won’t write a word..
I would have either lost in academics or Busy enjoying with my Friends…

I might not be an important person in your life but I just hope that one day when You hear my Name You would just Smile and Say “I Miss this person”

I cannot say bye to you Coz you would Forever stay in a little home called (Heart) of your Students…

“It was beautiful Journey of 3 years so just thought of ending it with a gratitude but hope Itz not the end”

I don’t know how to Thankyou and definately a Thankyou is not enough…

So I just thought of “Gifting words to a Gifted Personality”…

Sorry For the Grammatical errors and it became Long Coz there’s still more to write about you…

Will miss BMN and will miss You Mam…

Dr.Mala Pandurang Mam(Vice principal of BMN)(Best person to be ever known)

               ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




“Life is a learning process and I want to learn a new thing everyday”

~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


When I thought of writing about “CONFUSING AMBITIONS” I was super excited because from school times I have been using this word “AMBITION” without even knowing it’s meaning though now I know it very well.

“Be Passionate and ambitious in whatever you do”

I proudly say “I am Ambitious” but the thing is …..

“I don’t know I am Ambitious about what but yes I am ambitious

Beginning from my school days I was a reserved personality I let my actions speak.. The problem was I was good in all the subjects so it was difficult for me to choose my specialization after 10th . Just because my grades were good I choosed “SCIENCE” and this prove out to be my first mistake.It wasn’t that I couldn’t cope up with the subjects actually there wasn’t any eager to study these subjects.. Later I realized that I like languages and those were the only lectures which I used to carefully but till than it was late…After that I choose Nutrition mere out of frustration but now I love it…This was about my profession but Coming to my AMBITIONS. I am ambitious about Writing, Blogging, Music and the list is endless.When I start writing, thoughts just overflow my mind and my hand has more speed than a typewriter. About Blogging.. I don’t know how I became passionate to blogging but I love to blog and listen to Music.. I just love Music.. and when it comes to Music I want to be a Lyricist..COZ Lyrics is what I love in music..That;s not all as I said that the list is endless Next comes “COOKING” Yes I love to Cook and my friends always appreciate my dishes..Till now I have participated In two cooking prizes and won in Both and both were my own Recipes. So I dreamt of going to “MASTER CHEF”..Well that’s a bigger dream.Later I was impressed by a TV show “ EVEREST” AND than there was a desire to climb “EVEREST” I very well know it’s not possible but atleast I could go to EVEREST BASE CAMP and definately I will. Even this is not enough I do want to make Documentaries, Short films,etc. Carrom and chess my favourite games but I am best In Carrom I had this passion of playing carrom during school times however in between I just got a reminder about this game.Next is rangoli I do like to draw rangolis but I am not yet passionate about it but I like to draw it..You never know when and how I would became passionate about anything and Everything .It’s Confusing me.But the thing is I love everything and I do each of the above mentioned thing with equal passion.One of my friend recently said “Choose any one thing as your ambition” but I can’t..Coz I think…

“Choosing One ambition will excel you only in one particular field but Choosing Different Ambitions will Explore you to learn new things”

My friends restricted me from watching Star plus show “Tamanna” when I asked the reason they said You don’t watch otherwise you”ll start playing Cricket..and the thing Is I like Cricket and Can even play well…So Confused but still I achieve Everything I wish…

Life is a learning process and I want to learn a new thing Everyday”..

My friends say you always keep on changing your goals,Ambitions but the thing is…
” I am not Changing my goals or Ambitions I am just adding new ambitions… Everyday I have a new ambition with a new plan…’

So these are my “Confusing Ambitions ” but wait a Second I have not shared my Actual ambition co z I follow ‘Chanakya Neeti”which says “Never publicize your work until it is Confirmed“So My actual Ambitions will be hidden and will be revealed only when they are 100℅ Confirmed.

This is what “CONFUSING AMBITIONS” all about…I am a Confused personality yet I am Specific..I am Confused about My Passion,dreams and Ambitions but still I love My Confusing Ambitions…
Even after sharing so many Ambitions Still …..
No one can predict my Destination not even me”

“I don’t know my Destination but I am enjoying my Journey”

I actually thank My father (Ajit Ghadigaonkar) for Understanding me always and Tolerating my Behaviour of Consatntly changing my Mind..My Mom had seen specific dreams for me but my Dad just wants to see me as a
” Succesful personality” the field doesn’t matters to him and definatley I”ll make them both proud…
This article is specially dedicated to my Parents…

Here I leave You”ll with a Song from My Mom-Dad’s Favrt movie which exactly suits this situation and my life and My Confusing Ambitions…

Papa Kehte hai bada Naam karegi..
Beti hamari aisa kaam karegi…
Magar Yeh toh koi Naa Jane…
K meri Manjil hai Kaha….”

~Ghadigaonkar Ayesha Ajit Suchitra❤



Life is like a Journey on a train with it’s stations. Sometimes in this journey we met strangers.Yes you came in our life as a Stranger. At your first day we never thought we would be so attached to you but the truth is we don’t know at which station other passengers would get off Still we want them to stay throughout our Journey.
So I dedicate a poem to you right from my heart…

When you entered the Classroom…
We looked at you…
And you looked amazing
But Still we Can’t define you…

When you sat on your desk…
We looked at you…
And you looked like an Ideal teacher…
But Still we can’t define you…

When you started speaking…
We looked at you…
And you looked like a best speaker…
But Still we can’t define you…

When you shared your Life experiences…
We looked at You…
And you looked like a perfect guide…
But Still we can’t define you…

You had Every Quality…
The Dedication, The Passion…
And that’s what you gave us…
But Still we can’t define you…

Our life was full of problems…
But You always Said “NO PROBLEM”
You respected us and That’s what we gave u back…
But Still we can’t define you…

Sometimes we were egoistic…
Sometimes we had attitude…
but you always taught us to be Humble…
But still we Can’t define you…

Your smile made our day…
but Your flaxseeds, antioxidants and Phytoestrogens made our life…
But still we can’t define you..

Our life is a Journey…
Of which you were a part…
We don’t know how you came in our life…
But definitely you will Stay in our hearts forever…

It all Started with Nutrition as well as ended with the Workshop on Nutrition..
This is what life all about…

Today I don’t know where we stand but definitely you played a Important role in our Story…

Our Life is a small story of which You are a Big chapter we might not remember the Story but we will definately remember this chapter”

You are from those passenger when they get off from the train they make a Remarkable presence in people’s heart…

I loved your lectures because it taught me How to Improve on my Personality..

I remember you said to us”Follow your passion” and that’s what I am doing..
I feel more “PASSIONATE” for writing when I see your “DEDICATION” towards Teaching

We don’t know our future but you made our Present wonderful…!!!

“I Can’t define you coz you are more than a defination…
but we can define ourself as your Shadows…

You left your shadows behind and your shadows will always remember you…


We all love U Dr. Parul Kumar mam…(No. 1 teacher)

                   ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Past Diaries Future ahead (Part \/)

Aarohi’s (POV)

Future is in front of me and  past is past what I think..Life has given me the bitter experiences and that’s how I learnt to live my life..I have grown in to a strong person and completely fearless..My destiny is in my favour but still I can’t depend on it. I don’t Miss you mom I rememeber you always in each and everthing I do..My every work begins with your remembrance amd ends with your thought..I know you are blessing me and I”ll make you proud one day..I remember each and everything said by you..Mom you dreamt me of becoming something else and I might become something else..I wanted to say few things but I was Waiting for u to get better but unfortunately U left me..Yes mom u left me all alone and I was speechless..Days were longer and Nights were sleepless..You alwyays cared for my behaviour of not expressing but don’t worry i have learnt to live my life..There is hardly anyone and anything whom I fear..
“The Only Thing I fear is to loose My near ones”
I don’t know my future but Currently I am happy…

Last part of Past Diary Future Ahead

“Past is just a diary But future is your complete Novel”

“I have written my diary So now I want to write My Novel”

                           ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar



Who Am I?

Hello everyone.I am Ayesha Ghadigaonkar..Before I begin to introduce me let me Tell you”ll a bit about by name.90℅ of the problems begin with my name. My name is from Arabic Origin which means “Life” “Zindagi” No doubt that’s the reason why it is my favorite word but I belong to other community..The only simple reason my mom gave me this name was because she liked it.But people they get confused..Few of them Even advised me to change my name.But I love it Coz I think It’s Unique even on Google or Facebook You”ll can’t find any other “Ayesha Ghadigaonkar”
Now coming to my life I am a moody person my behaviour is totally unpredictable..I might cancel plans at the end moments and I might enter like a hero unexpectedly at the end moment..

People say I am very mysterious and secretive and yes I am I always speak in Hints..I never speak in words directly

I love to read,write and blog..Listening To music is my another love..I am a person of principles.I never give up my principles. Self respect is of utmost importance to me..
One important thing I would like to say From childhood I have been watching Love stories,Romantic movies so I like to read and watch love story.I do write posts on love but that doesn’t mean I am involved in those things..

“A  Person who got the world crazy about smart phones is using a normal phone”

“Mark Zuckerberg the person who got the world crazy about Fb uses Fb only professionally…”

Similarly Love story authors will make others fall in love but will stay away from it

Experience is what speaks..According to me “LOVE IS THE MOST PAINFUL DISEASE WHICH CAN’T BE CURED”
A career oriented,ambitious person will always stay  way from emotions and so am I…

I will write status on love,love songs,love stories but I keep myself away from these things…I will make you”ll fall in love with my Love story but not myself…


                ~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar

At this stage I love myself and I just don’t care about the world I write what I want.



” Make music your life and see the magic Music will make you it’s lyrics”

       ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Wondering what to write next? I thought of writing on Music.The environment I live itself is surrounded by Music than how could I not love Music.From Childhood days I love to Sing..I might not be a good singer but I understand the lyrics of a song..Well said by someone” Music is life of which lyrics is the heart ❤❤”.Without lyrics a music is like a live heart dead.
Every love Story is incomplete without Music” We often have seen in movies and serials that the romance,the sadness, the happiness is shown by music.I just can’t imagine my life without music.It makes my day.Music make your routine life interesting. Whenever I travel music is my companion.I just love to hear music while travelling.
“Music is the best thing to express your love through lyrics“So coming Valentines express your love with Music..”Add some twist in your love story with music and Make your love story a memorable one Music Is my life and I am the lyrics of music….
Everything and Everyone needs music..

Here I leave you”ll with the lyrics of the Song “Soch Naa Sake” created by me..

Credit– A beautiful Hindi-Punjabi romantic love song by Arjit Singh and Tulsi Kumar which is an adaptation of Hardy sandhu’s SOCH.The new versions has music by Armaan Malik and lyrics penned down by Kumaar.The song is released on T-Series music label.

Tere liye zindagi mai jiyu,
Tujhse hi pyaar mai karu,
Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon,
Yeh tu kabhi soch naa sake…

Tujhko hi rabse maanga hai,
Har lamha ye tera hai,
Bas yeh dual hai meri,
K jeena tere hi sang hai …

Tujhko hi chaha maine har pal,
Tujhko hi paya maine har pal,
Tu hi meri zindagi,
Tu hi mera sapna hai…

Tera sang khwab mai sajau,
Tujhko hi yaad mai karu,
Tu hi meri dhadkan hai ,
Tu hi mera aashiq hai…

Tere liye dil mai maine apne
Ek jagah banayi hai,
Mai tujhko kitna chahti hoon
Yeh  tu kabhi soch naa sake…

Tujhko kaise mai yeh samjau,
K tu mera kaun hai??
Mai tujhko kitna chahti hoon,
Yeh  tu kabhi soch naa sake…!!

Express your love this Valentine with lyrics…

Happieeee Valentines day…!!!❤

  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkarr❤



“Wake up Sid” a beautifully scripted movie..The article “New girl in the city from the movie Wake Up Sid”–Aisha Banerjee is worth reading…Though we are not new to the city but still we relate to the article and movie..because we relate to Mumbai..We develop a sense of belongingness when we say “Mumbai”….Everyone have their own unique story in this city..Wake Up Sid a movie with a natural story..A story of a matured and ambitious girl who fall in love with a boy who was immatured there wasn’t any ambition in his life until this girl came in his life…He realised he didn’t have any ambition but he had a hobby..which he can develop and it was “Photography” People don’t choose photography as a career option but this movie throws light on this field..Someone said to me “I want to be a professional photographer but due to some reasons i can’t”I just replied”Everyone didn’t did Everything professionally but still they are the best” I don’t know why but somewhere at a point I relate to this movie the simplicity of the movie keeps me attached with it. A story of two different individuals with different thoughts and how destiny brought them together in this journey of life is beautifully shown in the movie…”OUR JOURNEY IS DECIDED BY OUR DESTINY WE JUST HAVE TO TRAVEL” It’s a perfect combination of ambition,dreams,love,friendship, emotions,enjoyment…It’s one of the movies which has a unique natural flow in it.A sweet and natural love story with a beautiful message to be
“Self-Independent”.”EVERY MOVIE HAS A UNIQUE MESSAGE IN IT” It’s just that we fail to see it..Here I leave you”ll with this heart touching song from Wake Up Sid…

Orey manva tu to bavra hai…
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai…
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai baavre…
Kyu dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte…
Jo barse sapne boond boond…
Nainon ko moond moond…
Kaise mai chaloon dekhna Sabhi…
Anjaane raastein…
Gunja sa hai koi Ik Tara Ik Tara….
Gunja sa hai koi Ik Tara…
Dheeme bol koi Ik Tara Ik Tara…
Dheeme bol koi Ik Tara Ik Tara…!!!

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar
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