“I want to earn but then I also  want to learn”
~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Learn new and different things everyday.. I don’t want to live a life which says College at the age of 18 yrs.. Job at the age of 21 yrs.. Marriage at the age of 24 yrs and so on…
I want to live my Life on my terms.. Our Society has created a Monotonous pattern..
First SSC, than HSC than a Degree and than Masters…Now I am Final year BSc Student.. After BSc What? is the question often people ask me as well as I ask myself.. But the Society wants you to follow this monotonous pattern.. After BSc an MSc.. What if we don’t pursue an MSc? Will we be successful ? Well that’s not a question our society has already given the answers ”BSc has no value” ..From my childhood days I had the urge to choose something different.. I never wanted to do the things which everyone does.. I just don’t want to collect degrees.. I  want to be satisfied with whatever I do.. Sometimes people call me Crazy just because I don’t live the way they live…

Sometimes I want to WRITE
  Sometimes I want to BLOG
  Sometimes I want to DREAM
Sometimes I want to READ
  Sometimes I want to DRAW
  Sometimes I want to TRAVEL
  Sometimes I want to WORK
Sometimes I want to SING

  Sometimes I want to make a DOCUMENTARY
  Sometimes I want to make a SHORT FILM
  Sometimes I want to COOK
Sometimes I want to TREK TO THE HIGHEST PEAK

Sometimes I want to LISTEN TO MUSIC
  Sometimes I want to write LYRICS”

I don’t want to live a monotonous life …

No doubt I have few dreams in my mind but I don’t want to sacrifice the small joys of life for it”

It’s not that I  don’t want to earn.. I want to earn But I also want learn.. Learn new and different things everyday”

” I feel life is all about Learning and Exploring new things”

“And at the end of  life when we are on our  death bed..We will remember the moments which we had enjoyed not d syllabus…”

“So enjoy d life on ur own terms simultaneously do something worth which will convert ur dream into reality”

Till now I have lived my life on my terms… I did almost everything I wished.. But now I am not a teenager anymore. I have grown up…So what should I choose DREAM LIFE OR REALITY? and Will the Society accept ME? 

~Ayesha Ghadigaonkar




” Make music your life and see the magic Music will make you it’s lyrics”

       ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkar


Wondering what to write next? I thought of writing on Music.The environment I live itself is surrounded by Music than how could I not love Music.From Childhood days I love to Sing..I might not be a good singer but I understand the lyrics of a song..Well said by someone” Music is life of which lyrics is the heart ❤❤”.Without lyrics a music is like a live heart dead.
Every love Story is incomplete without Music” We often have seen in movies and serials that the romance,the sadness, the happiness is shown by music.I just can’t imagine my life without music.It makes my day.Music make your routine life interesting. Whenever I travel music is my companion.I just love to hear music while travelling.
“Music is the best thing to express your love through lyrics“So coming Valentines express your love with Music..”Add some twist in your love story with music and Make your love story a memorable one Music Is my life and I am the lyrics of music….
Everything and Everyone needs music..

Here I leave you”ll with the lyrics of the Song “Soch Naa Sake” created by me..

Credit– A beautiful Hindi-Punjabi romantic love song by Arjit Singh and Tulsi Kumar which is an adaptation of Hardy sandhu’s SOCH.The new versions has music by Armaan Malik and lyrics penned down by Kumaar.The song is released on T-Series music label.

Tere liye zindagi mai jiyu,
Tujhse hi pyaar mai karu,
Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon,
Yeh tu kabhi soch naa sake…

Tujhko hi rabse maanga hai,
Har lamha ye tera hai,
Bas yeh dual hai meri,
K jeena tere hi sang hai …

Tujhko hi chaha maine har pal,
Tujhko hi paya maine har pal,
Tu hi meri zindagi,
Tu hi mera sapna hai…

Tera sang khwab mai sajau,
Tujhko hi yaad mai karu,
Tu hi meri dhadkan hai ,
Tu hi mera aashiq hai…

Tere liye dil mai maine apne
Ek jagah banayi hai,
Mai tujhko kitna chahti hoon
Yeh  tu kabhi soch naa sake…

Tujhko kaise mai yeh samjau,
K tu mera kaun hai??
Mai tujhko kitna chahti hoon,
Yeh  tu kabhi soch naa sake…!!

Express your love this Valentine with lyrics…

Happieeee Valentines day…!!!❤

  ~ Ayesha Ghadigaonkarr❤